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Adoption Services

Increase project success and user adoption of your Spok solutions.

Typical Adoption Services

Projects that Spok commonly assists with include:  

Go-Live Support
  • Spok resources available physically on-site or remote to assist throughout the go-live.  
  • Hands-on, at-the-elbow training and support during user onboarding to drive results at scale.
  • Experienced consultants for customers with resource capacity issues.
Application Adoption
  • Guidance and tools that assist in successfully 
    managing change to drive technology adoption.
  • Industry best practice guidance and tools to increase probability of project success and solution adoption.
  • Comprehensive, quantifiable assessments to help identify and remove change barriers.
  • Detailed launch plans and checklists for customer peace of mind, comfort, and confidence. 
Paging Adoption
  • Best-in-class wireless coverage, service, and devices to reliably support critical communication workflows. 
  • Education on new tools and workflows; internal communication planning. 
  • Industry-leading expertise, best practice guidance, tools, and rollout support to increase user adoption and wireless utilization. 
  • Knowledgeable analysts review paging data to ensure all investments are optimized. 

See the results achieved by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Sentara Healthcare Paging Adoption partnership with Spok. This use case highlights the enduring power of paging and enhancing paging solutions across each organization. 

People love their cell phones, but cell and Wi-Fi coverage can be an issue. Paging provides an effective backup.”

Deb Larson, Communications Manager of IT, Sentara Healthcare

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