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Value-Added Services

Your goals. Your vision. Your success.

Are you looking to optimize the integration of Spok technologies into your clinical workflows? Do you require support in overcoming staffing shortages and encouraging change-resistant users to adopt Spok applications? 

Explore our Value-Added Services to enhance the effectiveness of your Spok® solutions. 

Value-Added Services Portfolio 

Advisory Services

Ensure Spok products and data align with your organization’s needs, objectives, and workflows. 

Assessment Services

Evaluate the utilization and performance of your Spok environment and review recommendations for potential optimization.

Adoption Services 

Increase the adoption of your Spok solutions to achieve higher usage rates.

Work with our experts to solve your specific challenges 

At Spok, our mission is to support you and your team in fully harnessing the capabilities of your Spok solutions. These solutions are custom-made to address communication barriers within your healthcare system. Our primary goal is to ensure that your solution not only yields tangible outcomes but also adeptly addresses evolving business challenges.  

Whether you’re initially implementing, upgrading, consolidating, expanding, or enhancing your Spok solution, you can rely on our seasoned consultants and trainers to furnish you with industry-leading best practices and expertise. 

What are Value-Added Services?  

Spok Value-added services including Assessment services, adoption services, and advisory services to get maximum value out of your Spok solutions

Our Value-Added Services are designed to work with your hospital or health system to maximize the value and investment of your Spok solutions and focus on what matters—improving patient care through better communications. From the adoption of Spok technologies, workflow analysis, or data optimization, Spok experts work with you to solve your specific challenges.

How does the Value-Added Services process work? 

Tell us about your specific business needs

Purchase Spok service offers to fit your needs

Spok experts deliver the training and/or consulting service

Achieve your goals and business outcomes

We wanted to know if we were using our console and web products in the best way possible for staff workflow and if there were ways we could be more efficient. So we turned to Spok for help.”

Greg Walkup, Sentara Healthcare

Want more information? 

Contact us to learn more about Spok Value-Added Services and resources that can help your organization broaden the scope of your Spok solutions.