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Enable seamless communication with care teams across your health system

Go beyond “just” secure messaging. Spend more time with patients. Improve clinical workflows.

See it in action: Spok Go® secure messaging

Simplify the task of finding people, groups, roles, and data

Secure messaging with Spok Go® integrates with provider directory information, clinical systems, the EHR, and on-call schedules to streamline workflows. Use smart devices or desktop apps for all your critical communications: Code alerts, patient updates, consultation requests, and more. Send secure messages, images, data, videos, and ensure critical communications are logged – all with HIPAA* compliance, traceability, and reliability you can count on. Plus, easily integrate with your mobile device management (MDM) solution.

The information you need in one activity feed

Your one-stop shop to view all communication activities in a unified inbox. From real-time lab results to group chats and pages, messages can be organized, filtered, and presented in a way tailored for each user.

Many users on many devices? Zero problems.

Gain real-time access to information regardless of location or device. Smartphones? Check. Pagers? You’ve got it. Connect all users securely – perfect for bring-your-own-device initiatives or leveraging your current device investment. Worried about reaching the right individual or role? Access cloud-managed on-call schedules and say goodbye to paper-based solutions.

Ensure your communications are secure and HIPAA-compliant

Provide a secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging app for your entire care team to improve the efficiency and quality of communication and help you deliver safer and better care. Hospital staff that you identify can access private health information and share important patient context from their personal or a shared mobile device while meeting HIPAA-secure messaging requirements.

*Secure messaging with Spok Go also meets PIPEDA compliance for our partners in Canada.

Putting patient care first

Use Spok Go® to deliver clinical workflow automation to enable efficient, safe patient care.

One of the greatest advantages of Spok Go for TidalHealth is the ability to include more than 400 affiliated physicians in our secure messaging system, something we couldn’t do before. It has been incredible for us to see our feedback reflected in this new platform that ultimately helps us provide better care for our patients and helps alleviate administrative burden for our physicians.

Mark Weisman, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, TidalHealth

Your platform solution
for clinical communications

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Enable seamless communication with care teams across your health system

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