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Spok Care Connect®

Use one communication platform to enhance clinical workflows and improve patient care and safety 

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Your partner for unified clinical communications 

Contact center

At Spok, we’re proud to offer healthcare-grade contact center solutions that are specifically designed for hospitals. Our technology seamlessly integrates with paging and other messaging options, allowing for on-call schedule management, integration with patient and staff data via ADT and HR feeds, and other healthcare-specific functionality. These features make us stand out in the hospital contact center market, enabling you to provide better, more efficient care to your patients. With Spok Voice Connect™, our user-friendly speech recognition tool, you can offload routine calls and free up your operators’ time to support more complex, higher-value customer needs, or manage periods of high call volumes or being short-staffed. Our technology is designed to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and ultimately provide better outcomes for your patients.


With Spok, you can rely on one centralized directory as the single source of truth that encompasses all roles, departments, locations, and even affiliated physicians across your organization. Say goodbye to static reference tools and embrace real-time schedule updates for your entire organization. Spok provides a breadth of potential integration offerings, so you can receive messages, alerts, and alarms from a variety of clinical and non-clinical systems. With our versatile technology, you’ll have all the tools you need to stay connected and informed, ensuring faster response times and ultimately better patient outcomes. Choose Spok to streamline communication within your organization, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.


We know how important efficient communication is within your hospital. That’s why we’ve revolutionized hospital communication to bridge the gaps between various groups. Our technology empowers care teams to send messages to multiple devices (including pagers), distribute emails, and access directory information all from their desktop or wireless devices. With our secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging solutions, you can improve communication efficiency and quality, ultimately providing better, safer care for your patients. Spok is also the largest paging provider in the U.S., boasting 99.92% reliability. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of secure messaging options, including our exclusive GenA™, T5, and ReadyCall® Text pagers. Spok is uniquely designed for organizations that rely on fast, reliable, and secure communication tools to manage and share sensitive, critical information.

Clinical care

At Spok, we prioritize your hospital’s communication needs by efficiently directing alerts to the right clinicians and integrating with multiple monitoring systems. Our solutions seamlessly interoperate with your EHR, enhancing critical communications with essential tools. With actionable notifications, alarms, and alerts from Spok, you can push time-sensitive messages directly to devices, saving staff from having to constantly check their EHR inboxes. What’s more, our technology makes data from electronic patient records more actionable so you can achieve faster response times, improve caregiver connections, and ultimately provide better patient outcomes.

Benefits of a healthcare communication and collaboration platform 

Optimize patient care coordination and improve patient experience 

Spok Care Connect is a full suite of solutions that integrates with your existing systems for accessing, prioritizing, and acting on information. Our unified communication platform provides care team collaboration, closed loop communication, and secure messaging to enhance your clinical workflows. Spok Care Connect is the unified communication platform that can help you solve multiple challenges across different areas, departments, and locations in your health system. 

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Spok Care Connect overview
Improve workflows across your organization, from the contact center to the patient’s bedside. Include everyone on your care teams, from doctors and nurses to housekeeping and transport staff. 

Secure messaging 
Enable seamless communication with care teams across your health system

Enterprise directory 
Reduce errors and wasted time with one centralized source of accurate contact data for all roles across the health system

On-call scheduling 
Provide accurate and up-to-date scheduling information at your fingertips

Clinical care 
Connect clinical teams with the people and information they need when and where it matters most

Contact center
Improve caller service through best-in-class contact center solutions

Manage your paging strategy with the nation’s largest paging network