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Spok Care Connect®

Trust in the legacy of Spok Care Connect

Find on-premise solutions in one unified technology platform with Spok Care Connect, our first platform solution to solve healthcare communication challenges.

Improve workflows across your organization, from the contact center to the patient’s bedside. Include everyone on your care teams, from doctors and nurses to housekeeping and transport staff. Solve multiple challenges across different areas and departments of your hospital.

Integrated suite of solutions

From the contact center to the patient’s bedside, Spok Care Connect offers a comprehensive suite of communication solutions.

Workflow-driven communications

Our products are not generic call or message products. We provide solutions that drive care team communication.

Supported across a variety of devices

Looking for faster response times, streamlined workflows, and more satisfied clinicians? Accomplish it all while supporting your diverse device mix.

Certifications and integrations

We work with the leading providers of systems you have in your hospital today. Our products are certified with government entities such as JITC, DOD, the FDA, and the FCC.

One single source of truth

The enterprise directory, scheduling, and preference data at the heart of our system serves as a single source of truth across your hospital.

A solution for every critical communication challenge

Depending on the needs of your organization, you’ll find the support you need with Spok. Our two platforms, Spok Care Connect and Spok Go®, provide comprehensive options to help you solve any critical communication challenge. If you’re not sure what solution is right for you, please contact us.

Compare Spok Care Connect and Spok Go®

 Spok Care ConnectSpok Go
Full clinical communication and collaboration platform One unified communication system to connect your entire care network
Everything you need for clinical communication Enterprise directory, on-call scheduling, secure texting, clinical alerting, critical test results, and more
Helps clinicians deliver well-coordinated care
Improves the patient experience
Complies with industry regulations
Compatible with Spok paging services—the nation’s largest paging network
Best-in-class contact center solutionsFunctional with your current console
Certified with government entities, such as JITC, DOD, the FDA, and the FCCSOC Type II compliance
Includes solutions on the Department of Defense’s Unified Capabilities Approved Products List
Uses advanced messaging capabilities Including a unified inbox – a one-stop-shop to organize all messaging activities tailored for each user 
Cloud-native powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Developed for the cloud with a highly elastic infrastructure 
Delivers continuous updates and faster access to technology advancements Any recent technology updates are available immediately 
Alleviates burden on IT teams No hardware maintenance at large data centers, manual security patches and bug fixes, or large upgrades 
Uses AWS services distributed geographically Prevents loss of connectivity, power, and service-specific failures 

Ready to learn more?

We understand every organization is unique and we’re here to help determine what solutions will best meet your health system’s needs.

Spok Care Connect frequently asked questions

Spok Care Connect includes on-premise solutions to solve complex healthcare communication challenges. Solutions are available for purchase for installation on-site and are managed by your IT department. Spok Care Connect provides solutions for a variety of industries to help solve complex critical communication challenges.

Spok Go is a cloud-native communication and collaboration platform built for healthcare. It alleviates burden on IT teams, opens the gateway to interoperability, scales to meet your changing demands, and delivers continuous updates and faster access to technology advancements.

Yes! Please contact our customer support team with your specific questions.

Please contact your sales representative for more information on how Spok Go can meet your healthcare communication needs.

Our solutions work with your current paging system. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help meet your organization’s specific needs.

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