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Customer support

How can we help?

Support options are based on your account type – wireless/paging accounts and software accounts.

Software customer support


+1 (800) 420-9705

1800 016 719

Asia Pacific (outside of Australia):
+61 (8) 6240 0094

Note: Asia Pacific and Australia will need your PIN to get support.

Customer Portal

Access the portal and submit a ticket.

Maintenance email

Send an email if you have a question regarding your existing maintenance agreement or if you need a quote for your maintenance renewal.


Wireless messaging customer support


Open a single pager account:
+1 (888) 576-1348

Consumer/small business:
+1 (866) 433-8726

Major or government accounts:
+1 (888) 957-7243

Medical accounts:
+1 (800) 763-6255

National accounts:
+1 (866) 206-6635

Reseller Support:
+1 (800) 736-3159

My Account

Access My Account to manage your wireless account


For additional support, visit our Spok Reseller Support Program page.

Wireless messaging department support


+1 (800) 736-4557

Subpoena compliance:
+1 (512) 243-6147

Government sales:
+1 (443) 305-6145

My Account

Access My Account to manage your wireless account

Mailing addresses


Attn: Accounts Receivable

P.O. Box 660324

Dallas, Texas 75266-0324

Subpoena compliance: 

3000 Technology Drive, Suite 400

Plano, TX 75074


Government sales:         

Federal Government

Contract Manager

6850 Versar Center, Ste 420

Springfield, VA 22151

Contact wireless customer support

Do you have an issue you’re unable to solve in My Account? Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you need technical assistance, including if you’re unable to receive or send pages, please contact us via phone for prompt resolution.