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Rely on pagers – the most reliable, survivable, and affordable technology for clinical communications

Count on the nation’s largest paging network. From code calls to disaster scenarios, deliver reliable communications with paging services.

Be prepared for critical communications

Provide peace of mind with pagers that penetrate signals through concrete and steel when a smartphone signal may not. Know that when other technologies fail, your pagers are powered by batteries that can be replaced during a power outage and don’t rely on Wi-Fi or cellular networks. With the nation’s largest paging coverage footprint, redundancy throughout network operations, and 99.92% network reliability, you’ll have the power you need to communicate in the most critical situations.

Use paging as part of your device mix

Integrate pagers into your workflows and secure communications with smartphones and other devices. Paging can complement secure messaging when you have staff who don’t need a smartphone to do their job, or when you need additional technology to rely on during codes or other time-sensitive events. And, ensure HIPAA compliance with encrypted paging.

Choose the service best for your organization

Whether you need one-way or advanced two-way services, encrypted pagers, or waiting area pagers, you’ve found your partner for paging. Take advantage of our online account management tools and a network engineering support team that is deployed nationwide to support your needs. With the nation’s largest paging network and over 100 million messages processed per month, you’re in good company.

One-way and two-way messaging services

Choose the paging service that will work best for your hospital or health system, including one-way or two-way messaging services delivered on the nation’s largest paging networks.

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Encrypted paging

With secure messaging capabilities and display-lock security features, encrypted pagers provide a powerful tool for HIPAA-compliant messages and emergency response communication.

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ReadyCall® waiting area pagers

Alleviate crowded waiting rooms and improve patient satisfaction with ReadyCall waiting area pagers.

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Purpose-built in the cloud for healthcare, Spok Go connects clinical teams with the people and information they need when and where it matters most

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Enable seamless communication with care teams across your health system

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Rely on one centralized directory as the single source of truth for all roles across your hospital

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Provide accurate and up-to-date scheduling information at your fingertips

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Connect clinical teams with the people and information they need when and where it matters most

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Speed delivery of radiology and laboratory results for improved patient care

Contact center
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Manage your paging strategy with the nation’s largest paging network