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Healthcare has changed.

The importance of care team
collaboration hasn’t.

See Spok Go® in action

Deliver clinical information to care teams when they need it, where it matters most.

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phone tag.

Provide clinician-to-clinician messaging and deliver real-time information from clinical systems to everyone on the care team.

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Put inefficient
workflows in the past.

Deliver clinical alerts and alarms with flexible routing, escalation, and tracking of alerts.

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Say goodbye to
paper-based schedules.

Develop one source of truth for all information, including contact details and schedules, to quickly help staff and patients.

Spok Go® delivers clinical workflow automation to enable efficient, safe patient care.

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Use Spok for communications

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U.S. News & World Reports

Adult and Children’s “Best Hospitals” rely on Spok

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Sent each month

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As healthcare’s trusted partner


2020 report: The state of healthcare communications

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U.S. News announces the 2020-21 best hospitals, all rely on Spok

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These certifications and accreditations reflect our strong commitment to expertise, innovation, and security.

  • Avaya certification
  • Cisco certificiation
  • Amazon web services certification
  • Defense certification
  • AICPA SOC certification