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Operator console

Streamlining your hospital’s clinical communications 

The Spok operator console is a key system that supports your organization by improving the way your hospital contact center manages critical communications. This computer-based intelligent solution for your contact center integrates with your hospital’s existing PBX and is used by the operator group to answer incoming calls. In place of answering calls on a traditional phone, an operator uses a computer with the Spok software to process all calls. The platform’s computer telephony integration (CTI) and centralized directory capabilities make this functionality possible.  

Give contact center operators the tools needed to speed caller response 

Successful organizations must be able to connect physicians, nurses, and other staff members quickly and accurately. Your hospital’s contact center communication system helps people connect at the right time. Operators also have to ensure that outside callers reach the right person, whether that’s a clinician, patient, or someone else. Proper handling of all of these situations leads to better patient safety, greater workforce efficiency and satisfaction, and improved workflow. 

Operator console options from Spok integrate with your voice, data, and network systems with the most popular PBX and UCaaS vendors. By having all of this information tied together, operators have a simple screen to perform actions from their desktop and don’t have to dig through multiple systems. These consoles can also be scaled to fit any organization with diverse communication switching systems, data centers, paging or messaging systems, or networks in various locations. 

Spok console software serves as the bridge to disparate data systems to present all directory listings to the operator. Operators can conduct directory lookups quickly and can also carry out a wide range of critical functions such as paging and messaging staff, transferring calls, and accessing and administering on-call schedules. Features such as fully configurable displays and pre-recorded greetings mean calls can be handled professionally and consistently, any time of day or night. 

How will a critical communication platform help my contact center?  

  • Help operators look up people and relay critical information immediately, resulting in higher efficiency and ultimately better care 
  • Guide operators through all the steps required to process an emergency, such as a critical code
  • Enable your operator group to offer after-hours or holiday phone coverage for local physician groups and practices, generating additional revenue 
  • Process calls with greater efficiency, accuracy, and satisfaction 

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