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Advisory Services

Outline a consultative strategy for maximizing industry best practices and efficiency. 

Typical Advisory Services 

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

  • Our strategic partner, Clinical Mobility, oversees your mobile device fleet, handling deployment, security, and configuration management, thereby alleviating the cost and resource burden from your organization. 
  • With many years of IT healthcare experience, Clinical Mobility offers ongoing maintenance and support of all mobile devices within your organization. Spok brings collaboration and shared knowledge of Spok solutions. 
  • Conduct Quarterly Business Reviews to reevaluate your organization’s devices, check device performance, and determine any maintenance needs​. 
  • This service offering includes any necessary remedial end-user training and application support, ensuring full adoption.​ 

Workflow Analysis

  • Help identify both clinical and operational process improvements that align with your organization’s strategic initiatives. 
  • Spok consultant works collaboratively with your stakeholders and subject-matter experts to design industry best workflow practices via a series of analysis workshops. 
  • Expert advice on how to integrate communication and clinical systems with one another and insert them into organizational workflows. 
Data Integrity
  • Spok consultants assist in cleaning up data in your organization’s Spok Care Connect® database to ensure optimal integrity and cleanliness. 
  • Discovery workshops and scripts help identify business-impacting gaps in data. 
  • Guidance on strategies that follow Spok best practices and tie outcomes to improved key performance indicators to measure return on investment. 
Custom Consulting
  • Organizations with needs that don’t qualify as another Value-Added Service. 
  • Dedicated solution consultants provide assistance and guidance for your organization. 
  • Customized projects may be smaller or large-scale engagements to provide a resource and/or specific deliverables based on a customer’s need and goals. 
  • Examples include integrations, external feeds, licensing, and console-specific packages. 

“This streamlined sepsis response workflow has really helped our patients.”

— Kencee Graves, Internist and Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, at University of Utah Health 

Spok Value-added services including Assessment services, adoption services, and advisory services to get maximum value out of your Spok solutions

See how Spok helped The Medical Center Health System  
correct over 33,00 records with a Data Integrity Service. 
This case study highlights how clean and consistent data can mitigate patient care and safety risks and reduce gaps and inconsistencies. 

It was all worth it to me because I see the end result – having a clean database with a new feed in place to automate workflows. Everyone’s happier and the workflow is better, so we all benefit. 

Gina Guzman, Call Center Supervisor, MCHS

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