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The state of healthcare communications: 2020 report

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What are the trends, challenges, and predictions for the future of healthcare communications? To fi­nd out, we surveyed more than 600 healthcare professionals in July 2020 from hospitals and health systems nationwide and found three major takeaways:

1. Enterprise-wide communication is key

No one knows yet how the pandemic will alter healthcare communications. In the short term, with 92% of healthcare professionals supporting enterprise communication technology to improve clinical outcomes, survey results indicate that a single platform that solves multiple communication challenges could help.

2. Pagers are still relevant

Pagers remain a mainstay in healthcare communications. The use of pagers has remained relatively consistent since 2011 and was in the top four devices used in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pagers are reliable, with signals that can penetrate through concrete and steel when a smartphone signal might not.

3. Cloud technology has arrived

While healthcare professionals as a whole are worried about moving technology to the cloud, the survey results show that IT staff are less worried than clinicians. These results indicate that more can be done to prove to clinicians the reliability and security of cloud solutions.

Download the infographic for more information and statistics on the three major takeaways from the State of Healthcare Communications report.

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Read the infographic

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