Elevating your clinical communication platform: Why users should transition to Spok Care Connect®

Hospitals and health systems understand the importance of having technology designed to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and ultimately provide better outcomes for patients.

Imprivata recently announced that its Cortext solution is being discontinued in July 2024, leaving many organizations to find other comprehensive solutions that meet or even exceed these standards of a secure messaging platform.

At Spok, we know that minutes and seconds matter when patients’ lives are at stake. We’re proud to support more than 2,200 hospitals—both large and small—with communication technology designed to meet today’s challenges.

See how you can leverage a single communication platform with Spok Care Connect® to streamline clinical workflows and enhance both patient care and safety.

Enhanced functionality

Go beyond secure messaging with a critical communication and collaboration platform

With the Spok Care Connect platform, whether on premise or our hosted solution, you can go beyond secure messaging by harnessing the power of our clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform. Our unified communication platform offers a comprehensive range of solutions that seamlessly integrate with your current systems, enabling access, prioritization, and prompt action on information. The Spok Care Connect hosted solution can even be implemented remotely with a simple, recurring subscription plan.

Serving as your organization’s unified communication hub, Spok Care Connect provides care team collaboration, closed loop communication, and secure messaging to enhance your clinical workflows and can help you solve multiple challenges across different areas, departments, and locations in your health system.

From the contact center to the bedside, Spok Care Connect is there with directory details, on-call schedules, staff preferences, and secure messaging on a wide range of devices, reaching care team members wherever they are.

Secure messaging with Spok Mobile®:

Spok Mobile is our secure messaging app that enables organizations to connect smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi phones (and their users) to data, alerts, and messages on the move.

  • Allows users to access the on-call schedule and request a consultation from the appropriate colleague.
  • Access contact information in your organization’s directory and send secure messages, even to on-call roles, and support your staff’s device preferences and role-specific device needs—including pagers.
  • Include images and videos with secure messages, and keep communications secure and traceable with encryption, delivery confirmations, and escalation options.

Enterprise web directory:

One centralized directory that acts as the single source of truth for all roles across your hospital.

  • Reduce errors and wasted time with one centralized source of accurate contact data for all roles across your organization—say goodbye to printed directories that become immediately outdated.
  • Save time with contact information that is accurate, easy to find, and you can access anytime, anywhere.
  • Update contact information and on-call schedules

On-call and staff scheduling:

Instantly access precise and current on-call scheduling details.

  • Speed care team collaboration and improve patient safety.
  • Keep personnel and scheduling information current and accurate with a secure web portal.
  • Assign staff their preferred device and message type based on urgency and allow users to send messages directly from the schedule to the correct on-call provider.

Operator console:

Help improve your organization’s call handling quality and overall customer service for patients, visitors, physicians, and other callers.

  • Automate important functions in your contact centers so operators no longer need to reference outdated directories and multiple databases.
  • Give your operators everything they need on their computers, which translates to significant savings as you’ll need fewer operators to process calls.
  • Features such as fully configurable displays and pre-recorded greetings mean calls can be handled professionally and consistently, any time of day or night.
  • Additional features, such as our interactive speech solution Spok Voice Connect™, are also available. 

What makes Spok Care Connect the ideal choice?

Spok Care Connect enables healthcare facilities to focus more on delivering quality patient care while efficiently managing their communication needs.

When you partner with Spok, we can help:

  • Clinicians deliver better coordinated care
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Comply with industry standards and guidelines
  • Simplify critical enterprise communications

Contact us today to learn how Spok Care Connect can be your next step toward digital transformation.

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