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Spok Mobile: Better patient care with
improved clinical workflows

Clinicians rely on smartphones and tablets to provide fast, accurate communications that are the underpinnings of patient care and safety. Secure messaging apps address the need for protecting patient health information while messaging from these devices. Although many of these apps can be used at no cost to encrypt your text message, that’s really all they can do. With Spok Mobile you can simplify communications and strengthen care by also using your devices for patient consults and updates via third-party apps, to access and send photos and video, receive secure code alerts and test results, and much more.

Spok Mobile Enterprise edition

  • Use a smartphone, Wi-Fi phone, or tablet to access the organization’s directory and send secure messages to any staff member, including the right on-call clinicians
  • Integrate with existing third-party monitoring and alerting systems across the hospital
  • Send images and videos with text
  • Create closed-loop communication with delivery confirmations and the ability to respond to or escalate messages
  • Support a wide variety of smartphones, pagers, and other devices for maximum flexibility
  • Protect sensitive patient details with encrypted, traceable messaging among doctors and other staff members

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