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Secure Messaging for First Responders

Harnessing the Power of Smartphones for First Responders

Smartphones and tablets are common among public safety agencies. First responders rely on these devices in addition to pagers as they assist in both routine and emergency situations. They need to be able to communicate quickly while on the move to coordinate response and save lives. Secure text messaging is an effective method to do this when seconds count and critical information needs to be shared.

Secure Texting and Mobile Communications

Spok Mobile® gives secure texting capabilities to public safety teams ready to communicate via smartphones. Now those in charge of emergency response have the same encrypted, two‐way messaging app already used by more than 800 organizations. Your agency can use smartphones and tablets to connect reliably and securely with others in the field or at the station. With Spok Mobile, they can access the full staff directory of accurate contact information, send messages to smartphones, pagers, and other devices, and log critical communications—all with security, traceability, and reliability in mind.

Security and Encryption

Concerns about basic text messaging for critical communications include that it’s not secure (and can be prone to hackers) and difficult to trace who sent what and when. With Spok Mobile, all communications are encrypted and logged in an audit trail. In fact, Spok Mobile uses industry standard best practices to protect sensitive information at all times. Security features include encryption, application lock, automated message removal, password‐protected inbox, and remote device wipe.

Access your Directory of Colleagues Right from your Smartphone or Tablet

Mobile users want to be able to quickly and easily send messages to the right person on the right device from their smartphone or tablet. This requires instant access to the organization’s directory. Spok Mobile allows individual users to communicate with other individuals or groups via secure messages that are also traceable for audit purposes.

Sending Secure Image and Videos

The value of Spok Mobile is further enhanced by the ability to attach additional files. Users can send an image or video clip right from their mobile device to colleagues. In emergency situations this can provide valuable details that assist with response.

Integration with Related Systems

Third‐party alarming, notification, and directory systems give first responders a lot of valuable information. But when an alarm goes off, can smartphones and other devices receive the alert messages? And what if you need to get a message to a colleague in the field? How can you find his or her number? With integrated alarm capabilities, systems such as security and fire can send notifications to the appropriate person or group on smartphones, pagers, and other devices so they can enact the proper safety procedures quickly.

Spok Mobile for Public Safety: Benefits

  • Secure delivery of messages and responses
  • Separates critical messages from less important emails and text messages
  • Automatic message delivery receipts
  • Active acknowledgement of messages and free-form text response
  • Directory look-up and user authentication
  • Ability to send images and videos
  • Call-back feature to easily connect for a conversation
  • Remote application wipe and administration
  • Leverage cellular and Wi-Fi networks

Why Spok’s Secure Text Messaging App is Effective

  • Meets HIPAA-compliant communication system standards
  • Protects electronic patient health information (ePHI)
  • Communicates securely with any type of mobile device in your organization’s directory
  • Integrates with third-party mobile applications and multiple mobile device management (MDM) solutions
  • Accesses the latest on-call schedules to reach the right individual or role
  • Enables users to send images and videos along with text
  • Logs all communications in an audit trail

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