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Notifying Mobile Staff Quickly with Critical Alerting

Reach First Responders Quickly for Fast Response

On any given day, first responders face a dizzying array of demands, from the critical to the mundane. Vital to managing and resolving any situation is a powerful communication system. Lives depend on getting the right message delivered to the right person or team as efficiently as possible. As devices and forms of communication multiply, reaching the right people in the field becomes even more complicated. In addition, varied agencies and more complex community needs demand an intuitive, flexible system that integrates easily with other systems. As organizations take on new challenges and look to the future, communication technology will become even more important.

Spok Critical Alerting

Spok’s critical alerting solution detects alerts from your monitoring, alarming, and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems and routes them to the appropriate staff on their wireless communication devices quickly and accurately. The result is faster response to critical events, which improves the safety of those in your community.

With Spok’s ability to integrate with the CAD system, a new event created in the CAD can automatically trigger a message to patrol/medical units, the jail, and courthouse staff, either via email or a multitude of mobile devices, including pagers and smartphones

Secure, Encrypted Messages To Smartphones

Spok offers an option to encrypt all messages sent to smartphones. By deploying the Spok Mobile® application to any patrol units or other mobile staff members, messages delivered to smartphones are encrypted and not subject to being maliciously intercepted and viewed by unauthorized individuals.

Ease of Administration and Security

Spok allows you to leverage a single system for configuring all of your messaging requirements, eliminating the need to go back and forth among multiple systems.

Automatic Audit Trail

The Spok solution provides a complete audit trail of all notifications, including time/date stamps, and recipients. The audit trail can be used by management to measure efficiencies, identify bottlenecks in the flow of information, and improve response times to events across the organization.

Staff Efficiency and Safety

Ultimately, the ability to reach mobile team members quickly improves overall workflow, staff productivity, and the comfort and safety of those under your protection. Fast delivery of important alerts to the people who can act on them not only strengthens the efficiency of your operations, but it also provides a safer community and a safer working environment for your responders.

Spok Critical Alerting for Public Safety: Benefits

  • Speeds response to emergency situations with well-coordinated mobile communications
  • Connects alerts from systems to mobile devices for efficient staff notifications
  • Provides full audit trail with date and time stamps to retrace steps