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Record Your 9-1-1 Conversations

Improve Response to 9-1-1 Callers with Call Recording Software

A consistent, intuitive system for recording and evaluating your public safety answering point (PSAP) calls will enable you to provide agents with the tool they need to speed response to emergency callers.

Spok and HigherGround work together to provide best-in-class recording solutions for performance monitoring in PSAPs. You will be able to transform vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence that will help enhance call-taker performance, optimize operations, improve response times, and reduce costs.

Record and Score All Calls Going in and Out of Your Call Center

This powerful 9-1-1 call center recording solution easily records, monitors, and scores your call-takers’ conversations so you can better manage calls, provide focused training, and improve caller service. Record all calls in and out of your public safety answering point while simultaneously enabling supervisors to monitor agent conversations in real time. Our customized solutions seamlessly integrate with other applications to help call-takers dispatch assistance quickly.

The system captures all interactions between call-takers and callers—voice, text, email, and more—and provides tools to score call handling performance in a number of categories. The result is a clear view of how to improve the quality of the caller experience through individualized call-taker training.

Spok Call Recording for Public Safety: Benefits

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