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Public Safety Solutions

Improve Emergency Response With Public Safety Solutions From Spok

For 9-1-1 dispatchers fielding emergency calls as well as onsite security in buildings from which 9-1-1 calls are made, the right communication infrastructure is important for fast response. Many lives depend on the capabilities of the technology in place.

This is true not only for public safety answering points in military, municipal, campus, or hospital settings, but also for any organization with multiple buildings and floors from which people may call 9-1-1.

Spok’s Public Safety Solutions

9-1-1 Call-Taking and Dispatch: Help public safety answering point dispatchers quickly field emergency calls with intuitive software that integrates with third-party systems for mapping, CAD, and other relevant information. Learn more about fielding emergency calls quickly.

Enhanced 9-1-1: Pinpoint the exact building, floor, and room of a 9-1-1 caller with enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) software that also enables onsite security to listen in and direct first responders. In fact, this type of technology is required in some states. Learn about pinpointing a caller’s precise location.

Secure Text Messaging: Enable first responders to communicate quickly while on the move to coordinate response and save lives. Harness the power of secure messaging.

Call Recording: Record, monitor, and score your 9-1-1 call-takers’ conversations so you can better manage calls, provide focused training, and improve caller service. Learn how improve response to callers.

Critical Alerting: Detect alerts from your monitoring, alarming, and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems and route them to the appropriate staff on their wireless communication devices quickly and accurately to speed response. Learn about improving repose time.

Alarm Monitoring: Send notifications from security, fire, and other building management alarms to staff’s mobile devices to support safety as well as cost savings. Learn about the integration with monitoring systems.

Emergency Notification: Quickly and reliably notify and confirm team member response during emergency situations without calling trees and confusion. Alert the right people when seconds count.