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Staff Assignment Made Easier

Centralized Staff Assignment for Better Efficiency and Care

When nurses begin their shifts, they need to be assigned to specific patients, often in multiple units or wings. They also need to have devices such as Wi-Fi phones, voice badges, or smartphones assigned to them so the right patients and their clinical monitoring system alerts reach the appropriate caregiver’s mobile device quickly.

The issue? All of the assignment processing required to set up each nurse at the start of every shift and for each break wastes time that could be spent with patients. It also increases the risk for errors when multiple systems must be accessed to assign patients and monitoring systems for a shift, impacting patient safety if an alert goes to the wrong person.

The Solution is Shared Staff Assignment

Spok simplifies staff assignment by enabling each nurse to sign in once, eliminating time-consuming and redundant data entry at the start of a shift. This means each nurse is automatically assigned the right device and patient rooms, including the notifications and alarms from nurse call systems, patient monitoring, and other important devices.

Why It’s Effective

  • Helps caregivers spend more time with patients and less time creating schedules
  • Simplifies management of alarms and events for more than 200 integrated systems
  • Decreases alarm desensitization
  • Lowers risk for missed assignments
  • Works with the systems you already use for simplified training and adoption
  • FDA 510(k) cleared as a class II medical device, which shows the solution is keeping pace with key industry standards and guidelines

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