ReadyCall Waiting Area Pagers

Are waiting areas in your facility overcrowded and overflowing?

ReadyCall is the answer to waiting room congestion. ReadyCall takes advantage of Spok’s existing wide-area paging network, which means that your patients will be free to roam throughout your facility, its grounds, and the surrounding area.

Hand your patients a ReadyCall at the time of check-in, and the unit will signal them when it is their turn to be seen. ReadyCall supports HIPAA compliance by keeping patient names private.

Your staff will be more productive, spending less time managing waiting areas and more time attending to the immediate needs of patients.

ReadyCall Waiting Area Pagers

ReadyCall is Ideal for:

  • Hospitals (admitting, emergency room, pharmacies, surgery, other waiting areas)
  • Clinics
  • Outpatient facilities

Why It's Effective

  • Support HIPAA compliance with discreet communication
  • Reduce congestion in waiting areas
  • Clear walkways of waiting room overflow
  • Spend more time attending to patient needs
  • Eliminate the noise pollution of overhead paging

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