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Hurricane Recovery

Hurricane Update Center

With many customers, employees and company facilities along the Gulf Coast, we are taking all necessary steps to ensure that resources are available to affected employees, offices and systems and that paging network issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Spok continues to work through a difficult and challenging environment to ensure full service as quickly as possible so that our large base of critical hospital, police, emergency response and business customers can continue to rely on the Spok paging service for their operations. Our customer support facilities are available to assist you with any service issues.


The Technical Teams at Spok are working hard to maintain the systems in the path of a Hurricane. Any known outages will be restored as soon as possible, and in some cases a back-up emergency solution will be implemented.

Summary of Hurricane Impact

Network Recovery Efforts

Current Outages


Sending a Page

Dialing a pager number directly may not be possible in some areas, so here are some other options for sending a message:

  1. Internet Paging – Send a message via our website
  2. Email Paging – Address your message using the pager number plus the corresponding domain. Examples: 5045551212@usamobility.net


To address a message to a Two-Way Device Simply use the 10-digit-phone number. In some Two-Way devices, the address is called a PIN.

If a non-Spok device wants to send a message to you, your email address is:

  • Your 10digitphonenumber@my2way.com or your vanityname@my2way.com
  • Your 10digitphonenumber@airmessage.net or your vanity.name@airmesage.net
  • Your 7digitPIN or 10digitphonenumber either @usamobility.net or @usamobility.net

To address a message to an Internet e-mail Address:
Addressing a message to someone’s email is no different than the address you would use from your desktop computer. Simply enter the person’s address into your Two-Way device as an email address.

To address a message to any Word, Advanced Word or Two-Way Device on another network:
Enter the address in your Spok Two-Way device as an email address. Use the chart below to look up the carrier for the device if you do not know the email address. (If you cannot successfully get a message to a device, you may need to ask the other person to determine the email address for his or her device. For many carriers, the address is not easily known.)

In the paging industry, some devices have a PIN that is a distinct number different from the telephone number, and yet is part of the email address. In these cases, you will need to ask the other person for his or her PIN before you can establish the email address for their device.

Wireless Data Carrier Device email Address
AllTel 10digitphonenumber@alltelmessage.com
American Messaging 10 digit pager number@page.americanmessaging.net
Cingular Blackberry or SMS = username@mobile.att.net or
10digitcellularnumber@mmode.com or
mMode plan = yourmmodeusername@mmode.com
The address(es) are case sensitive and must be in lower case letters.
Cingular Wireless Blackberry or SMS = 10digitnumber@mobile.mycingular.net
Motient 2way = username@2way.net
Nextel Phone = 10digitphonenumber@messaging.nextel.com
Qwest 10digitphonenumber@qwestmp.com
SkyTel 1way and 2way = 7digitPIN@skytel.com
Sprint PCS Phone = 10digitphonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
TMobile 10digitphonenumber@tmomail.net
Spok 1way = 10digitphonenumber@page.metrocall.com
2way = 10digitphonenumber@My2Way.com1way = 7digitPIN@usamobility.net
1.5way/2way = 10digitphonenumber@airmessage.net1way = 7digitPIN or 10digitphonenumber either @usamobility.net or @usamobility.net
2way = 7digitPIN or 10digitphonenumber either @usamobility.net or @usamobility.net
Verizon Wireless Cellular 10digitphonenumber@vtext.com
Verizon Wireless Messaging 1way = 10digitphonenumber@pager.myairmail.com
2way = 10digitphonenumber@myairmail.com


Note to Carriers: To update or correct this list, please send an email to inforequest@spok.com.

To address a message to any Text-enabled Cell Phone:
Spok has made it easy to send messages to text-enabled cell phones with the Cell Text Messaging service for customers using airmessage.net messaging domain. Forget about memorizing all those different cellular email addresses. All you need to know is one: celltext.net

Here’s how it works:
From your Spok Two-Way pager, type in the 10-digit cell phone number followed by @celltext.net to send messages to any text-enabled cell phone.
Example: 2145551212@celltext.net

From a text-enabled cell phone to a Spok Two-Way recipient on the airmessage.net domain, users can address a text message from their cell phone and send it to the 10-digit Two-Way pager number. No domain is required.
Example: 2145551111

Note: Using the cellular email address to send text messages will continue to work.
Example: 2145551111@sprintpcs.com

Some paging numbers are inaccessible for telephone direct dialing. In these cases, emergency overdial options are in place. Check the list below for affected areas. If your calling area is affected, dial one of the corresponding overdial options, enter the 10 or 7 digit pager number of the person you are trying to page.