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My Send A Message

My Send a Message is a complimentary personal messaging console, designed to make it easy for users to create and maintain an address book for individual and group messaging.

My Send a Message

Advantages of My Send a Message

My Send a Message takes paging to a new level of administration and organization. Individual users have the ability to set up personal address books and messaging preferences that are not accessible to others. Departments can also utilize a centralized address book and uniform messaging preferences. This online console can then be accessed from various locations and terminals around the facility.

My Send a Message is accessed on the My Account login page. Users login with a username and password that then takes them to their individual My Send a Message portal. (My Account privileges remain separate.)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Maintain personal and departmental address books
  • Set preferences for message delivery
  • Message delivery and read notifications (two-way only)
  • Retain email copies of every page sent (for two-way, copies of responses as well)
  • Send messages to any Spok subscriber

Online Tutorials

  • My Preferences — learn how to set up your message preferences
  • Address Book — learn how to set up and manage your personal address book
  • Message Groups — learn how to set up and manage your group contacts
  • Send a Message — learn how to send messages to Spok subscribers


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