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Encrypted paging services

Provide secure and HIPAA-compliant paging

Encrypted pagers can provide a secure communication option that is also highly reliable, even when cellular and Wi-Fi coverage is spotty. This means protected health information (PHI) can be shared seamlessly among staff on pagers and smartphones to meet industry guidelines for sharing sensitive information.

Use encrypted paging for security and compliance

Each of our encrypted pagers is programmed with a unique key. Messages are encrypted using the industry standard AES-128 encryption algorithm and decrypted to display to the user. We offer one-way and two-way encrypted paging devices.

Use a display lock for added security

Encrypted pagers are equipped with a display lock feature that requires users to enter a passcode. After five minutes of inactivity, the pager activates the display lock. The user must enter the correct passcode to access the device and read messages.

Lost or stolen device? No security problem.

If one of your pagers is lost or stolen, we can remotely delete all messages and encryption keys from the device. If a user forgets the display lock code, we can also help by clearing the device to allow the user to re-enable a code.

GenA™, T5, and T52 encrypted pagers

The GenA (one-way paging), T5 (one-way paging), and T52 (two-way paging) are among only a few wireless pagers now available offering encrypted paging. The GenA pager keeps your organization connected with reliable messaging in a small, convenient device featuring an estimated month-long battery life and an easy-to-read ePaper screen. It is a trusted addition to a communication portfolio with the advanced encryption and display lock security features helping ensure your organization meets HIPAA compliance requirements. The T5 and the T52 also feature secure messaging and display lock security features, and are two additional devices providing powerful tools for healthcare and emergency response communication.

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