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T5 and T52 Pagers With Encryption Capabilities

The Benefits of the T5 and T52 Pagers

The T5 and T52 pagers—available exclusively from Spok—are among only a few devices available that offer an encrypted paging option. With secure messaging capabilities and display-lock security features, these devices provide a powerful tool for healthcare and emergency response communication.

Security and reliability are vital for organizations that are managing highly sensitive information, especially in a clinical situation that requires HIPAA compliance. These devices are designed to be an integral part of any critical communication solution.

With the T5 one-way pager and T52 two-way pager, you can stay connected with reliable messaging service in small, convenient devices. Their secure messaging and display lock security features help your organization meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

Spok focuses on providing solutions to support the management and communication of sensitive and critical information. The T5 and T52 are part of a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise texting solutions designed for organizations that depend on fast, reliable, and secure communication.

T5 pagerEncrypted Message Support

The T5 and T52 support message encryption using the industry standard AES‐128* encryption algorithm. Each device is programmed with a unique key. Messages are encrypted as they enter the Spok network and are sent over the air to the device where they are decrypted for display to the user. Messages sent from the T52 pager are also encrypted.

Display Lock

When the devices are enabled for secure messaging, the display lock feature is available. When the feature is enabled, the user is prompted to enter a passcode. After five minutes of inactivity, the display lock is activated. The user must then enter the correct sequence before being able to access the device and read messages.

Remote Data Wipe and Display Lock Clear

If a pager has been lost or stolen, our customer support staff can send a wipe command to the device. When received, all messages and encryption keys will be deleted from the device.

If a user forgets the display lock code, our customer support staff can send a clear command to the device.  The user can then access the device and re-enable the code.

* Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm, 128-bit key

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