Paging Remains at the Core of Critical Communications

Paging software has been essential to hospital and healthcare workflows and emergency response processes for well over 30 years. The value of reliable emergency communication via wireless paging systems remains high today, especially in hospitals and other industries where steady, reliable communication is critical and physicians and nurses need to be alert and respondent to patients' needs.

Paging physicians and nurses has never been easier thanks to today’s advanced paging software. Spok offers several cost-effective paging software solutions to facilitate communication between staff.

In recent years, smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our daily lives. But even as mobile usage increases, it is important to recognize that paging's survivable architecture and cost effectiveness retains clear advantages over cellular in many instances.

Smartphones and Cellular Networks

If anything, the proliferation of smartphones is making paging even more critical to medical and first response sectors going forward. This is because congestion of cellular networks can cause them to fail.

At a price that can often approach 10 times that of paging, cellular technology would seem like the more reliable technology. But that is simply not the case. In fact, emergencies of all sizes and scopes have taught us that cellular technology cannot be counted on for crisis response.

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