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Hospital Contact Center Solutions

Speed and Reliability: Key to a Positive Patient Experience

If nurses need to contact physicians about their patients’ conditions, they expect the call to go through immediately. When a code blue occurs, hospital teams expect the right people to be notified in seconds and to respond to the emergency. When a patient’s family member calls your hospital, he or she expects to be transferred to the correct room quickly. When physicians are waiting on crucial patient results from pathology, they expect to be contacted on their preferred device accurately and efficiently.

These basic expectations underscore how excellent communications are at the core of every leading, responsible hospital—and they often involve the contact center. Successful organizations must be able to connect physicians, nurses, and other staff members quickly and accurately. They have to ensure that outside callers reach the right person too, whether that’s a clinician, patient, or someone else. Proper handling of all of these situations leads to better patient safety, greater workforce efficiency and satisfaction, and improved workflow.

Yet, many hospitals still try to run their communications with outdated methods. Too many organizations burden operators by forcing them to reference three-ring binders and printed directories—which become outdated as soon as they are created. Other hospitals have the information stored electronically, but it’s in multiple databases, which forces operators through laborious search tasks, resulting in slow and inefficient communications.

Many experts, including The Joint Commission, agree that poor communication is a leading cause of death and serious injury of hospital patients today. Think about the role of technology in this environment. A communication system that helps people connect at the right time can lead to improved patient safety, increased satisfaction, and greater efficiencies.

Improve Caller Service Through Best-in-Class Contact Center Software

Spok specializes in hospital call center services and other industry call center solutions to enable operators to connect staff and external callers in a fast, reliable, and professional manner.

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Operator Console

Increase operator productivity by directing them through important tasks with easy-to-use screens that include all the necessary information to process communications efficiently.

Web-Based Directory

Keep personnel information current by allowing qualified users to log on and make important updates, manage scheduling, send messages, and find others with online directories.

Speech Recognition Technology

Automated speech services enable your organization to process routine requests including directory assistance, transfers, and paging without live operators and with more ease-of-use than touchtone menus.

Call Recording and Quality Management

Easily record, monitor, and score your contact center agents’ conversations to provide focused training and improve customer service with a call recording solution.

The ROI of Hospital Contact Center Software

Best-in-class hospitals rely on contact center solutions solution to automate important functions that support both internal clinical communications and also customer service for external callers. With a central online directory and on-call schedule, operators no longer need to reference outdated directories, spreadsheet-based on-call schedules, and multiple databases. Instead, they have everything they need right on their computers.

These systems benefit different groups of people in different ways. Hospital management embraces the ability to support goals like cost reduction, higher physician satisfaction, stronger productivity, and better customer service. Doctors, nurses, staff, patients, and family members receive accurately transferred calls quickly. Finally, hospital operators have easy-to-use technology to help them with their jobs, resulting in a decrease in operator fatigue and an increase in morale.

Why Top Hospitals Rely on Spok

It’s not just the software. Top U.S. hospitals take comfort in knowing that Spok is a company with a rich history of providing innovative software applications and paging services to the healthcare industry. Spok continues to build on that knowledge and expertise. In fact, every year the vast majority and often all of U.S. News and World Report’s Best Hospitals Honor Roll list are Spok customers.


Consolidation: A Major Trend

One of the major trends in modern healthcare communications is consolidation of contact centers with one location handling the call answering for multiple regional facilities within the hospital family. Spok has enabled many customers to consolidate their call answering by providing the platform and experience that results in a more unified, consistent approach to critical communications and improved efficiency.

Today’s economic climate points strongly toward centralized telephone answering for contact centers in general. Operators working in larger groups do so far more efficiently than multiple small groups of agents. Using Spok technology and software such as the Spok’s operator console, a health system’s goal of centralized, consolidated call answering can be efficiently reached.

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