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Improve duress communications with Spok and Spectralink Safe


Every day healthcare workers face potentially unsafe situations, running the gamut from falls and other workplace accidents to violence and verbal abuse. Many clinicians would not think twice about putting their own health and safety at risk to help a patient, but the risks associated with this dedication also add significant stress and can contribute to physician and nurse burnout. Data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) shows that healthcare workers are four times more likely to experience workplace violence than workers in the public sector.

In the event of a workplace accident or violence, it’s important that workers can communicate quickly to get the help they need.


With Spok clinical alerting and Spectralink SAFE, clinicians and other healthcare workers can quickly alert nearby staff members and/or the security team of safety events, ensuring the appropriate help can arrive and resolve the situation quickly.

Mobilize security teams for staff safety:

Faced with a security event, the nurse presses the duress button on her Spectralink device.

Spok clinical alerting sends a notification with the nurse’s exact location to security and the floor charge nurse.

Security team arrives quickly to assist.

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Rally nearby staff for man-down events:

The environmental services team member slips and falls in a patient room, injuring himself.

The team member’s Spectralink device detects the unexpected motion of the fall.

Spok clinical alerting sends a notification with the team member’s exact location to other nearby staff.

The nearest available staff members arrive quickly to assist.

Empowering mobile caregivers:

Rapid notification to the appropriate staff with the exact location of the staff member at risk ensures that help arrives and resolves the situation quickly, reducing hospital liability and providing peace of mind for hospital staff. Spok delivers the know-how, best practice expertise, and technology solutions to help you achieve your enterprise communication goals and set you up for long-term success. Reach out to us today at inforequest@spok.com or (800) 231-2556 to ask how we can help you improve duress communications.