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Patient Monitoring Alarm Notification

Ensuring Nurses Receive Mobile Alerts from Telemetry, Infusion, Ventilators, and Other Patient Monitoring Devices

Quality of care is increased by alerting nurses within seconds of a patient emergency. This keeps sentinel events to a minimum by speeding up the most critical clinical workflows. Better care in the hospital means a happier, healthier patient at discharge.

Improving the communication of and response to critical patient monitoring and other patient care system alerts is just one of the ways Spok can help your facility improve care and satisfaction through the right alerting software solution.

Fast Response to Alerts Saves Lives

Enhance the value of patient monitoring by sending system-generated alarm notifications directly to nurses to ensure critical patient conditions are triaged quickly.

Spok® Messenger clinical alarm monitoring middleware integrates a variety of patient monitoring systems with your staff’s wireless telephones, smartphones, voice badges, and/or pagers to improve response times and care. Alarms from related patient care devices (PCDs) such as infusion pumps, pulse oximeters and ventilators can be integrated as well.

Spok Alarm Surveillance powered by Bernoulli captures live streaming patient data from patient monitoring systems to create unique smart alarms by taking into consideration various key measurements. These smart alarms suppress nuisance and alarms that aren’t clinically actionable and only deliver actionable alarms directly to the right clinician, resulting in fewer interruptions to the care team.

Why It’s Effective

  • Speeds response to potentially life-threatening changes in vitals
  • Improves staff efficiency
  • Reduces noise on hospital floors
  • Improves patient satisfaction scores
  • FDA 510(k) cleared as a class II medical device, which shows the solution is keeping pace with key industry standards and guidelines


Clinical alerting software is a critical part of the Spok Care Connect® communication platform, a suite of secure, responsive solutions that integrates into your hospital’s existing clinical workflows. See how it all works together >

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