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Clinical care

Drive action by connecting clinical teams with the people and information they need when and where it matters most

Optimize patient care coordination and improve patient experience

Increase clinician satisfaction and enable users to spend more time with patients

Everything you need for exceptional clinical care communication

Mobilize orders from the EHR
Transform how your care teams work with your EHR. Move from a passive system of record to an active system of communication. Make alerts and messages more actionable using data in electronic patient records. Exchange time-sensitive clinical data to speed response, connect caregivers, and improve patient care. See how we integrate with all major EHR vendors.

Consult Order Workflow

Respond quickly to patient call requests
Deliver nurse call alerts directly to the right nurse on their preferred device to enable quick responses to patient needs or requests. Route requests for water, information, or bathroom assistance to other staff as needed. Give your patients the ability to communicate quickly, and your nurses more efficient and streamlined clinical workflows. It’s a win-win.

Activate code teams
Quickly and reliably notify staff during situations that require rapid response. Send notifications of critical information quickly to any device. You can count on delivery of your communications when time is of the essence to quickly mobilize response teams.

Standardize communication protocols with flexible workflow templates
Help care teams streamline patient care processes and standardize on best practices. Use our powerful workflow engine to automate alerts from the EHR, nurse call, and other clinical systems with the ability to escalate when necessary to ensure faster response to patient needs. Flexible templates enable you to easily configure workflows to meet the needs of your care team.

Support your alarm management initiative
Establish rules that direct the right alarms to the right staff members to eliminate unnecessary alerts. Remove off-duty staff from updates that don’t occur during their shift. Help remove the burden of alarm fatigue and communication challenges for your providers.

Discover how the intelligent nurse call workflow design sends notifications
of critical information to any clinician on any device




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Secure messaging
Enable seamless communication with care teams across your health system

Enterprise directory
Rely on one centralized directory as the single source of truth for all roles across your hospital

On-call scheduling
Accurate and up-to-date scheduling information at your fingertips

Clinical care
Connect clinical teams with the people and information they need when and where it matters most

Clinical diagnostics
Speed delivery of radiology and laboratory results for better patient care

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Improve caller service through best-in-class contact center solutions

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