Case studies

Orlando Health


Founded more than 100 years ago, Orlando Health is a not-for-profit healthcare organization with physicians in more than 100 specialties.
The nationally recognized organization has 32 hospitals and emergency departments, nine specialty institutes, and a network of primary care physicians and specialists that spans more than a dozen counties from the Atlantic to the Gulf Coast, and extends into Puerto Rico.


  • Healthcare

Business drivers

  • Create streamlined processes to enable agent success
  • Improve agent productivity with one centralized system
  • Reduce average call time and abandon rate to improve customer experience


  • Spok Smart Console®


Spok has improved the customer experience:

  • 4.8% abandon rate
  • :57 average call handle time
  • :07 average answer speed
  • 95.2% total answered calls

As well as the agent experience:

  • One centralized system reduced toggling between screens
  • Reduced training needs with saved codes and procedures
  • Pre-recorded messages unlock consistency and professionalism in each call
  • Time-saving hotkeys increase transfer time

The challenge

Orlando Health is a not-for-profit healthcare organization with 32 hospitals and emergency departments, nine specialty institutes, and a network of physicians and specialists that extends from the Atlantic to the Gulf Coast and into Puerto Rico. The organization is dedicated to treating its employees right, including providing its call center agents with quality resources to execute their work efficiently and confidently, as they know satisfied, engaged agents are 3.3X more likely to feel empowered to resolve customer issues.

Orlando Health’s contact center leaders wanted to transform their contact center with a solution that could help create and contribute to a top-performing environment and culture that allows everyone to truly know their customers, their business, and their team. “Everything—from our tools to our chairs—has to help us serve our customers well,” said Gary Montoute, DHA, MBA-ITM, ITIL Director, IT Contact Centers, Orlando Health. “We wanted to make sure there’s a seamless connectedness across our systems—something that really allows us to connect on an individual level with our customers and within our team.”

A wide range of requests come through the call center, and each agent needs to understand the business in order to manage each interaction effectively, whether helping customers navigate insurance and scheduling needs or coordinating with emergency departments and hospitals. “We put the patient at the fulcrum of what we do,” said Montoute. “Whether they’re calling in to check on prescriptions, schedule an appointment, or check in on a loved one, how we connect with each person is incredibly important.”

We took tangible actions to give our agents the right tools to help them succeed, and our metrics reflect that. When you take care of your employees, they can take care of your customers

– Gary Montoute, DHA, MBA-ITM, ITIL Director, IT Contact Centers, Orlando Health

The solution

Orlando Health transitioned from its previous private branch exchange (PBX) to the Spok Smart Console, a key system that improves how the organization’s contact center manages customer communications. Instead of answering calls with traditional phones, the Smart Console solution allows agents to process and answer all calls through a centralized directory.

Key capabilities include:

  • Time-saving hotkeys: Agents used to have an extensive process for transferring calls via a 10-digit number; now, they click on a programmed hotkey via the Smart Console, which serves as a bridge to disparate data systems and presents all directory listings to the operator to streamline transferring calls. “In healthcare, when time is of the essence and every second counts, quickly transferring calls contributes to positive outcomes,” said Jose Figueroa, Manager, IT Hospital Contact Center, Orlando Health.
  • Consistent messaging: Voice With a Smile® allows agents to answer calls professionally every time via pre-recorded greetings, which can be tailored to greet callers differently based on the number they call. “Consistency is critically important when you’re handling 1.6 million calls annually,” said Figueroa.
  • One centralized application: The operator console ties voice, data, and network systems together, so operators have a simple screen to perform actions from their desktops and don’t have to dig through multiple systems. “The ability to work from one application instead of swiveling across systems to locate different directories, patients, or hospitals is critical to our success. It’s like a one-stop shop that brings everyone onto the same page,” said Figueroa.

The result

Orlando Health has steadily connected the Spok Smart Console to its hospital systems, with seven different hospitals currently operating on Spok and plans to add more.

The solution has significantly improved customer experiences, achieving:

  • 4.8% abandon rate
  • :57 average call handle time
  • :07 average answer speed
  • 95.2% total answered calls

It’s also improved the agent experience. “With our previous system, our operators needed to memorize or study codes and procedures, which was quite demanding,” said Montoute. “Now, we can copy and paste codes, policies, and procedures into the application so our agents can access everything from one place and execute requests efficiently. This also saves a tremendous amount of time from a training perspective, as we have a consistent process illustrated right within the application.”

What’s next for Orlando Health? The team looks forward to the continuous evolution of their platform to incorporate mobile and AI capabilities, voice integrations, and remote monitoring.