Encrypted communications

Secure, HIPAA-compliant communications are critical for patients’ protected health information—or PHI. We hear about security breaches, their cost to hospitals, and the impact on patients every day. Plus, care team members need to support workflows by using the devices that make the most sense for their roles. Although many of the popular messaging apps and services that consumers regularly use do offer encryption, they don’t meet the interoperability and flexibility needs, or the strict standards, of the healthcare environment.

Communication solutions designed for the healthcare environment can bridge the security and integration gaps. They can integrate with other solutions and third-party applications, permeating and enhancing clinical workflows. Intended for use in a clinical environment, they are designed to meet the technical and administrative standards required to comply with patient privacy regulations. These systems are created to integrate seamlessly with current operations on any type of device or combination of devices.

With Spok Care Connect®, your staff can protect sensitive information with a variety of devices that offer flexibility, convenience, and security, including smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi phones, and pagers. Ultimately, a broad, flexible, and device-neutral communications infrastructure supports not only swift, effective care coordination, but also better patient outcomes. When communications matter, Spok delivers—on the device of your choice.