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Spok and Zebra

Messaging Made Easier

Zebra is a leader in patient identity, mobile healthcare, and real-time locating and tracking. Spok delivers clinical information to care teams when and where it matters most to improve patient outcomes.

Together, Spok and Zebra provide a comprehensive solution that enables care teams to communicate quickly and securely and creates an enterprise-wide approach to the management, prioritization, and response to key events.

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Purpose-Built, Medical-Grade Zebra Devices

Spok provides healthcare leaders with the durable and reliable Zebra mobile computer devices designed specifically for the industry. The usefulness of these devices can be enhanced even further with Spok software.

Deliver Clinical Alerts

Through the partnership of Spok and Zebra, critical information and updates from your staff and alert systems, such as nurse call, patient monitoring, and many others, can be sent to staff on their Zebra communication devices.

Combining Spok’s clinical alerting solutions with Zebra devices creates an enterprisewide approach to the response to and management and prioritization of key events. This includes the ability to deliver clinical alerts from your various hospital systems to the right people based on your predetermined rules, including escalated communications whenever necessary. Sources of information can include nurse call, patient monitoring, bed management, EHR, lab, radiology, security, and infant protection systems, among others.

Clinical alerting solutions from Spok support messaging integration with the Zebra TC51/TC56 and MC40 series devices.

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Communicate Securely

Spok and Zebra also provide a comprehensive solution, which enables hospital staff to send mobile messages securely. The Zebra TC51/TC56 and MC40 series are supported devices of the Spok Mobile® HIPAA-compliant secure texting application.

Spok Mobile offers full integration with the entire hospital directory and latest oncall schedules. This allows fast, accurate connections with other staff members, which in turn enables the hospital to provide better and faster patient care.

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