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Spok and Bernoulli Health

Speed Response to Actionable Alarms

Spok Alarm Surveillance powered by Bernoulli gives care teams easy access to real-time patient data, including live streaming waveforms. Unlike traditional alarm management systems that are dependent on alarms triggered by the patient care devices (PCD), Spok Alarm Surveillance includes integration of comprehensive, continuous patient data to enable advanced smart alarms and a more holistic view of the patient status, while actively filtering out nuisance and non-clinically actionable alarms from devices.

Spok can then send these filtered alarms to health professionals on a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones, encrypted pagers, Wi-Fi phones, tablets, etc. This includes rules for escalating the alarm to a different device that the clinician might be carrying, or to another person altogether if the alarm is not responded to within a predetermined amount of time. Spok can direct these alarms based on schedules, allowing critical alerts to go to specific on-call roles instead of named individuals.

Filter Out Non-Actionable Alarms

  1. A patient’s monitor registers a drop in blood oxygen saturation levels for several seconds before it returns to normal.
  2. A ventilator triggers a peak airway pressure alarm when another patient coughs, but the device continues to operate normally and the patient requires no clinical intervention.
  3. Based on the hospital’s defined prioritizations, Spok Alarm Surveillance filters out these non-actionable alarms and does not pass them through to interrupt the nurse.
  4. A third patient’s monitor measures decreased heartbeat and respiration rates – each change not enough to activate the monitor’s individual alarms, but together clinically significant – triggering a combination smart alarm.
  5. Spok routes the alert to the nurse’s mobile device. The nurse makes an informed decision to visit that patient for appropriate follow-up.



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Reduce Alarm Fatigue

Care teams rely on PCD and clinical alarm systems to inform them of patient status and needs, but the sheer volume of alerts can quickly become problematic. False positives from loose leads, redundant alerts from poorly set thresholds, and notifications for patients under someone else’s care are just the beginning. Not only are alerts often distracting and difficult to decipher, but they can also be downright dangerous if excessive alarms lead care teams to become desensitized.

Alert the correct providers and be able to report on patient alarm management with Spok. Combine advanced routing and escalation capabilities with unique smart alarms and real-time patient data, including live waveforms, to deliver actionable alarms that support better clinical decision making, speed response times, reduce alarm fatigue, and improve patient satisfaction.

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Bernoulli Health is a leader in clinical surveillance, medical device integration (MDI), and real-time data analytics. Spok delivers clinical information to care teams when and where it matters most to improve patient outcomes.

Together, Spok and Bernoulli elevate clinical alarm management by capturing and evaluating real-time patient data and alarms from multiple clinical systems and delivering actionable alerts to the right caregiver for swift response.

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