News Release

Advisory Councils Guide Future Product Enhancements to the Spok Care Connect Platform

Advisory members include physician and nurse leaders from across the country including Duke Health, Emory Healthcare, Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin, Peninsula Regional Medical Center, UW Health, Vail Health, and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Health.

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (May 8, 2018) – Spok, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Spok Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPOK) and a leader in healthcare communications, announces the formation of its Physician Advisory Council and Nurse Advisory Council. The mission of these councils is to provide strategic guidance for the Spok Care Connect® platform.
“Our focus is bringing to market the most innovative clinical communication and collaboration platform to improve patient outcomes and care team satisfaction,” said Hemant Goel, president of Spok. “The expertise of physician and nurse executives and other clinical leaders helps us understand key challenges and prioritize enhancements to advance our solutions.”

The councils explore a broad range of current and emerging healthcare trends, and examine the role of clinical communication, workflow coordination with electronic health records (EHRs), increasing patient engagement, and using analytics to improve outcomes.

“We’re proud to provide a collaborative environment for our partners to influence the future of our platform,” said Dr. Andrew Mellin, Spok chief medical officer and chair of the Physician Advisory Council. “We are already receiving great insights on topics including how to deliver world-class mobile application experiences and manage clinical alerts and results from the EHR. The councils help us understand what is most valuable to the provider community.”

For Dr. Nat’e Guyton, Spok chief nursing officer and chair of the Nurse Advisory Council, it is about leveraging the voice of the nurse in technology. “Our mission is to advance communication technology for nurses that enhances the delivery of patient and family-centered care.”
The councils meet regularly to provide strategic insight and input on trends and opportunities in enterprise communications and technology advancements specifically for healthcare organizations. The councils also provide a forum for member networking and peer learning to enhance inter-professional practice. Members represent healthcare organizations including Duke Health, Emory Healthcare, Peninsula Regional Medical Center, University of Wisconsin Health, Vail Health, and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Health.

If you would like more information on the Spok advisory councils and for a full listing of council members, please visit Spok’s website.