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Corporate and Social Responsibility



At Spok, we are working hard to improve the patient care experience and design beautiful software that delights our customers and improves communications, workflows, and patient outcomes. We apply our ingenuity, technology, and expertise to innovate creative solutions with a focus on long-term improvements. Sustainability is critical to our business philosophy – from product design and development through implementation and support, our business products drive impact for the greater good.

Spok understands our role as a community partner and the positive impact we can have on the social, economic, and environmental issues the world faces today. We aim to be a leader in corporate citizenship through developing a culture of giving back to those around us and making a positive impact through our products, our policies and practices in environmental sustainability, charitable work, employee wellbeing, and our commitment to ethics, diversity and inclusion.


Commitment to Ethical Standards:
Integrity is a core tenant of the Spok culture and we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. In alignment with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Spok has strict guidelines surrounding conflicts of interest, bribery and kickbacks, trade secrets, information privacy, employment discrimination or harassment, and the use of corporate funds and assets. These guidelines, in conjunction with international anti-corruption laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, are designed to eliminate corporate corrupt practices. Spok expects its partners to conduct business fairly and ethically, to comply with anti-corruption laws domestically and around the world, to cooperate with our requests for information and to avoid engaging in any activity that involves even the appearance of conflict of interest or impropriety and to adhere to the standards of our Code of Business Conduct and all applicable laws and regulations.

Spok has measures and controls in place to regularly ensure our work and organization are held to our highest ethical standards, and Spok provides regular, annual training to our workforce on maintaining these standards. All vendors and partners complete an approved vendor certification and background check process that includes ensuring all vendors are not included on any restricted party lists; partners are recertified on a biennial basis.

Spok is committed to ethical practices including the responsible sourcing of materials through our global hardware supply chain. Spok conducts a reasonable country of origin inquiry of our hardware supply chain.

Environmental Sustainability:

Spok is committed to the protection of the environment and operating its business in an environmentally sustainable manner. Aligning with our vision to improve patients’ lives, we recognize the importance of environmental sustainability. Spok embraces resource recycling, sustainability and environmental restoration as key methods for value creation. Our wireless and software solutions eliminate paper, recycle products and streamline communication workflows to eliminate waste and create value for the economy and environment for the benefit of current and future generations. Aligned with Spok’s Environmental Sustainability policy, Spok commits to:

• Refurbish and recycle our products and equipment ensuring a quality product while eliminating waste.
• Reduce wasteful paper forms in favor of digital or online storage methods. All paper supplied by the company is made with recycled materials.
• Sort and recycle at our office locations when possible and to encourage such practices by staff.
• Continuously seek opportunities to eliminate waste and replace inefficiencies with sustainable processes. All employees are encouraged to provide creative ideas to conserve energy at our work locations.
• Actively engage and train our employee base on sustainability best practices both in the office and at home.
• Support and partner with organizations providing measurable opportunities to improve our environment.

Community Impact:

Our organization is built upon the strength and compassion of our team members who live our core values every day. We are passionate in our commitment to supporting the quality of healthcare outcomes by improving care team communications in every community where we do business. We firmly believe that our commitment to healthcare and our commitment to community play a large part in our company’s social responsibility. Our team volunteers, sponsors, and donates to hospital and health system charities as well as several national charities supporting the fight against various diseases throughout the year. Some of our charitable events include:

• American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb – Our team continues to raise awareness and donations to prevent and find a cure for lung disease.
• Blood drives through the American Red Cross – Spok team members participate in blood donation drives to help those in need.
• Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Spok employees participate annually and raise donations and awareness for Alzheimer’s cure research.
• National MS Society MS150 – Spok employees, family, and friends bike ride 150 miles in two days every year to raise donations and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

In addition, Spok has partnered with the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, ALS Association, Camp Odayin, Lung Cancer Research Foundation, Minnesota Special Olympics and various healthcare related foundations.

In over 50 years of pursuing our mission and during national disasters like 9/11, as well as Hurricanes Harvey, Katrina, Irma, & Maria, Spok sends its essential field technicians into the disaster areas and provides connectivity and communication channels for customers including health systems and first responders and disaster relief agencies like FEMA. During these critical times Spok field technicians stage the necessary equipment while contacting customers to continuously meet their needs while local Spok offices collect and ship relief items for donation.

Employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing:

Our employees’ health and safety are paramount to Spok. We are committed to conducting business operations in a manner that protects the health and safety of employees, visitors, contractors and the public. We are firm believers that no job is so important that time cannot be taken to ensure it is completed in a safe manner. Consistent with our Environment, Health, and Safety policy, Spok has a number of practices and programs in place to ensure the safety and health of our employees. Aligned with those policies, Spok commits to:

• Require all employees to use a badge and pin combination security system across all our offices.
• Maintain a visitor check-in and badge system that prevents unauthorized visitors from entering our offices.
• Operate air purifiers in our offices to maintain high air quality for our workforce.
• Provide teleworking opportunities, social distancing, health screening and training on respiratory and hand washing hygiene in offices, as appropriate, as prevention against illness and disease.
• Incentivize employees to drive wellness habits for physical and mental wellbeing and financial health.
• Encourage our employees to participate in various fitness and wellness challenges throughout the year.
• Engage employees in virtual wellness training so they can cultivate healthy habits.
• Offer a confidential Employee Assistance Counseling and Hotline to support team members and their families in times of need.
• Publish monthly wellness newsletters to raise awareness, participation, and boost health outcomes.
• Engage with our workers compensation insurance carrier to ensure our facilities, equipment and processes are aligned with safe workplace practices, promote proper ergonomics, avoid workplace injuries and encourage healthy habits.
• Conduct annual driver safety training for employees whose roles require regular automotive travel.

Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion, equality, and diversity are critical to Spok. We value all our employees and their wide array of backgrounds and experience. We believe that in promoting and supporting inclusiveness and by leveraging our diversity, we have a competitive edge that allows us to innovate and draw from our workforce’s differing perspectives. By bringing together employees from diverse backgrounds and providing each an opportunity to develop their skills and actively contribute to our mission, we cultivate an engaged workforce which in turn helps us deliver value to our customers. To aid leadership in ensuring we provide for an inclusive and diverse work environment, Spok has a Diversity & Inclusion Council comprised of employees, predominately of color, that advises the leadership team. Consistent with our Diversity & Inclusion policy, Spok commits to:

• Maintain a Diversity & Inclusion Council responsible for advising executive leadership.
• Recognize Juneteenth as a paid company holiday.
• Use objective standards-based interviewing to ensure fair treatment throughout the recruiting process.
• Provide fair and equal pay regardless of gender, race, or other characteristics. To deliver on this commitment, Spok benchmarks pay ranges based on competitive market data that is reviewed and updated regularly and applies these benchmarks to both internal compensation and external offers to ensure our pay is both fair and competitive.
• Provide equal opportunity throughout the applicant and employment experience, from hiring through promotions, compensation, and benefits.
• Provide regular training to all employees on prevention of discrimination and harassment.
• Provide reasonable accommodation for religious observances and those with disabilities including veterans.
• Regularly analyze our employment practices to assure they are free from potential discrimination or bias.
• Promote technology careers in college career and job fair events engaging with diversity groups.
• Conduct outreach efforts to promote STEM education and career goals for women, veterans and minorities with a focus on technology, software, and engineering.

In summary, our commitment to this Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy is ongoing. Annually we will update company goals, approaches and commitments. Through annual training and recertification of employees we will reinforce and strengthen individual and company-wide commitment to our Values, our Code of Conduct, and this policy on Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Version Date Predecessor Company, USMO, and Spok Detail
1.0 June 2020 Approval of Policy
This policy is not intended to modify in any way the basic employment-at-will relationship of employees of Spok and, as such, it may be modified or
discontinued at any time at the discretion of management to meet the changing needs of the Corporation.

Policy Number: S4
Policy Name: Social Responsibility Policy
Effective: June 19, 2020 Revised: June 19, 2020 Reviewed: June 19, 2020