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2019 CIO Priorities

What did CIOs achieve in 2018—and what’s on the docket for 2019?

Technology has become a critical component of healthcare delivery, but some organizations are finding it difficult to manage their IT environments. Healthcare CIOs have an important role when it comes to digital transformation and helping shape the future of their organizations.

In a 2018 Spok survey of CHIME CIOs, health IT leaders told us about their top priorities for the year. We released the results in our first-ever CIO priorities infographic: What we heard was that EHR integration, patient experience initiatives, and mobile secure messaging adoption were top of mind leading into 2018.

We were curious whether CIO predictions became reality. To find out, we analyzed several industry reports and asked a handful of CIOs to recap their experiences. Here’s what we found:

Ideas for the essay theme for the architecture course

People are looking at architecture for all reasons: perhaps you want to be satisfied that you will create something really that people can see and touch and live inside. Architecture is a form of art, it is complex, and it affects the lives of many people. On the other hand, it is highly competitive, and architects often have to be ready for long hours before they can achieve financial sustainability

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However, if you are an architect, you will have to take part in your research seriously, and you will certainly have to write a few essays on the way. Here are eight ideas for architecture courses:

Compare or contrast the different types of the correct architecture

In Vernaculular, architecture is generally viewed as housing and buildings that people (usually amateurs, not architects) create for practical purposes, using materials and technologies available for a particular area and time. You can discuss various influences on individual structures such as the function of the building, climate, culture, environment, time period, etc. For example, you can compare the right architecture of two different farming communities or discuss the differences in residential buildings in a given area over different periods of time. Alternatively, it could be argued that the right architecture should or should not be rejected as purely functional

Classify several different architectural examples

You can, for example, classify or categorize different types of ancient architecture, discussing specific characteristics of buildings, materials, their functions, etc. You can also look at the traditional Japanese architecture (or some other region) and specify what qualities conform to the standards for this type of architecture. Another possibility is to categorize a particular structure, that is, to select the structure and the separation of its functions to different types of architecture. You can choose a building that uses different architectural styles and classifies them according to design.

Describe the style of a particular architect, for example, Frank Lloyd Wright

You might need to narrow the essay thesis to include only one or more specific examples of how architects work. For example, Frank Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright) combined various style elements throughout his career, and you can focus on his organic style as it was in Graycliff, Fallingwater, and Taliesin West. Or you can discuss the characteristics of his UONian houses, for example, their utility, environmental heating, the closed walls, and so on. You can also discuss the features of Christopher Alexander Eishina near Tokyo. Be sure to use specific examples and relevant terminology, which should be as descriptive and specific as possible to create bright architect styles

Discuss the importance of sustainability in today’s architecture

While the old concept of \”function\” was a traditional concept of architecture, the modern theory is that we must also approach the architecture with the sustainability of construction materials, the influence of the structure on the environment, its energy needs, the waste of production, etc. In this regard, the architecture is no longer merely a question of building a building for a particular purpose and aesthetic considerations, which are important considerations. How can cultural phenomena be sustainable? (ALL)

Illustrate what is meant by the theory of deconstruction, as it relates to modern architecture

You must select a specific building that includes this architectural style as a way of showing the points of view. For example, it is possible to select the central library of Seattle and discuss how the architects rave the structure of the building, as well as how the figures distort and control the chaos of the building. Or you can discuss how the function of the building is related to its visual form. Destructive architecture also requires people to think about how a building can and should look. He was also criticized for being too complex and of little social significance. You can write an essay of type argumentative type in which you are trying to convince the reader that deconstructivism is not an architectural style

Discuss some of the characteristics, ideals, or examples of the expressionist architecture

You can talk about how the shapes, symbols and romantic phenomena are used in separate architectural buildings. Or you can discuss art deco and its connection with the expressionist architecture. Concrete, brick, stone, colour glass and other materials serve a certain function, and you should discuss the justification for the selection of such materials in the construction of such buildings. Moreover, utopian and socialist philosophies influence these types of structures.

Give examples of a specific architectural style

Discuss the features that are indicative for a particular architectural style. You should be ready for materials, construction methods, regional aspects, etc. Styles can be made from one location and spread to other locations. You can provide and discuss examples of ancient Greek or Roman architecture, which used proportions and geometry as design themes. The dominance of the church in medieval Europe influenced the architecture of Romance and Gothic styles. The Renaissance has classic domes and arches, as well as a leopard style across Europe. Victorian Era has brought technological and social changes that were reflected in the architecture of the British Empire. The Industrial Revolution saw new styles, such as the modern style, the American necktie, and the romantic style.

How does the ancient Roman architecture influence the modern architecture?

Banks, houses, commercial and government buildings, etc., often show Roman architectural influences. The use of domes and archives continues to be popular today. Why is that? What is the importance of using a framework such as a dome? For example, it can show grandeur or serve as a home page. The arches provide a powerful structure for bridges and can also be symbolic. Many features of modern residential complexes are also presented in the Roman apartments. Religion and entertainment have also generated certain types of buildings, which we still use, such as amphitheatre and the Coliseum