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What Hospital CIOs Think: 2018 Priorities

Survey Indicates CIOs Will Focus on EHR Integration and Secure Messaging User Adoption

New Insights

Mid-year survey results indicate hospital CIOs are wrestling with a wide range of technology challenges. Primary data for this infographic was collected in June 2017, using a Spok survey of CHIME CIOs. A total of 46 completed survey responses were collected by this method.


CIOs are making thoughtful decisions about their technology investments. Seventy-one percent of respondents say integrating with the EHR is top priority. According to 54 percent of survey respondents, mobile adoption and buy-in continues to be a challenge.

The point of view behind the healthcare CIO’s desk is one of challenges and opportunities; considering future investments and measuring success.

CIOs are considering the patient perspective. Almost half (45%) of our respondents indicated they’re evolving patient portals and half have added a Patient Experience Officer (or equivalent) to their team.

We’re looking forward to seeing how healthcare CIOs keep pace with advancing technologies—integrating their systems and ensuring adoption, while keeping the patient perspective front and center.