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Communications That Enhance Guest Safety and Service

Provide Better Communications for Your Guests—Before Your Competition Does

You are in the business to provide the ultimate guest experience. Your business thrives when your staff makes personal contact with each customer and appears to do it with ease.

Top hospitality organizations don’t settle for outdated methods when managing and communicating with guests. Instead, they deploy state-of-the-art communication and alarm management solutions to help improve guest service. Bellmen, engineers, housekeepers and security personnel perform the majority of their guest-facing services in the hallways and rooms of the facility—away from desks, landline phones and PCs. Your staff must be mobile at all times to meet guest requests whenever and wherever they occur, using communication devices such as smartphones, pagers, cell phones, and others. In addition, your call center operators need access to extensive guest and staff information to provide premium services, including dining menus, wake-up, or weather forecasts at a moment’s notice.

Spok Is the Leader in the Field With:

Spok helps deliver customer-centered information to your staff so they can react quickly and effectively to guest requests. Spok also provides solutions for reducing noise pollution in the guest environment, particularly by minimizing or eliminating the use of chaotic two-way radios, creating a quieter and more comfortable experience for guests during their stay. The alarm management solutions deploy immediate emergency notifications to designated staff to ensure the safety of your guests and your facility.

Spok Solutions Include:

Contact Center Solutions
Enhanced 9-1-1 
9-1-1 Call Center Solutions
Emergency Notification 
Facility Alarms Management