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Improve Efficiency, Care, and Satisfaction at VA Medical Centers

Critical Communication Solutions for the Department of Veterans Affairs

More than 100 VA Medical Centers have been relying on Spok® solutions for many years to help ensure patient safety and satisfaction as well as staff productivity.



Spok Enables VA Medical Staff to:

Find the Right On-Call Clinical Staff Member

Keep contact information and on-call schedules updated using a secure web portal with password-protected access. This helps you protect patients by sending messages quickly to the right on-call clinician directly from the schedule. Learn about web-based on-call scheduling

Brochure: On-Call Scheduling

Streamline Critical Alerting and Paging

Send code call notifications and alerts from nurse call, patient monitoring, and other crucial patient care systems to staff’s mobile devices to speed response. For group notifications, automatically track responses and escalate to others to coordinate care quickly. The ability to reach mobile team members within seconds of an alert improves overall work flow, staff productivity, and the comfort and safety of patients.

Learn more about Spok’s hospital paging solutions for fast, effective communications, particularly in disaster scenarios when cellular networks are unavailable.

View and Respond to Critical Test Results Quickly

Meet The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal on delivering patient test results in a timely manner by automating the process. Get test result information to ordering physicians quickly to improve patient care and reduce the risk of delayed, lost, or mishandled test results.

Manage Patient Alarms to Reduce Alarm Fatigue

One study at Johns Hopkins Hospital identified a daily average of 350 alarms per bed. In addition, The Joint Commission has established a National Patient Safety Goal on alarm management as well. Create a quiet, healing environment for patients and reduce alarm fatigue for staff by sending patient alerts right to mobile devices for subtle, fast response that puts the patient first. Read Software to the Rescue blog post.

Improve Caller Service and Operator Efficiency

Provide operators with the information needed to process calls using their computers, with just a few keystrokes. Operators can quickly and accurately perform directory searches and code calls, as well as send messages and pages to individuals, groups, and roles. Learn more about hospital contact center solutions.

Brochure: Operator Console

The Spok operator console is a VA Technical Reference Module (TRM)-approved solution. It can also be adapted for visually impaired or legally blind operators to use in providing outstanding service to their inbound callers.

Support Encrypted Smartphone Communications

Simplify communications and strengthen care by using smartphones for secure, critical communications: code alerts, patient updates, test results, consult requests, and more. Leverage smartphones to access your organization’s directory and send secure messages/images/videos to fellow staff on smartphones or other types of devices. Learn more about secure texting.

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