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Equipment returns

Leased equipment is owned by Spok and must be returned upon deactivation and/or cancellation of service.

Devices should be returned in appropriate packaging for protection during shipment. For example, in padded shipping envelopes and boxes. Spok does not make any warranty against loss or damage of leased devices during shipping. It is the customer’s responsibility to purchase any additional services for protection against shipping loss or damage directly from USPS or other shipping providers. The USPS Return Label is offered by Spok as a courtesy only and does not imply any guarantee against loss or damage.

Any disputes regarding the return of leased devices must be made within 90 days after being invoiced for the unreturned equipment charge. Proof of return to Spok must be provided in order for credit of the equipment charge to be considered. Use of the USPS Return Label does not constitute proof of return. Any claims for loss or damage during shipment to Spok must be made directly with the shipping provider.

Spok must receive the leased device in good condition, with reasonable wear and tear accepted. Failure to return the leased device to Spok, or return of a leased device that is damaged beyond repair, will result in a device charge to your Spok account for unreturned or damaged equipment. Devices that have been contaminated with bio-hazardous waste or devices that have been submerged in any liquid must not be shipped or returned to Spok by any method. Such devices are considered damaged beyond repair and should be disposed of using the customer’s appropriate occupational health and safety protocols. Please contact the Spok Customer Service number on your invoice for further instructions on how to remove the device from your account or replace it.

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