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Smarter, faster clinical communications

Delivering Clinical Information to Care Teams When And Where It Matters Most to Improve Patient Outcomes

The challenge is getting real-time information into the hands of hospital staff who need to act on it.

Technology should support clinical workflows, not the other way around. Realize the advantages of a communication platform—from the contact center to the patient’s bedside; and from doctors and nurses to housekeeping and transport staff. This includes managing workflows like patient alertsnurse calls, and clinician consults.

Communication delays and errors can cause patient harm. Improving how care teams communicate helps put patient safety at the forefront.

If you’re faced with disjointed communications, you’re not alone.

Many hospitals have discovered the benefits of an enterprise-wide communication platform that features interoperability with the EHR to connect people and workflows across the organization, and which offers a variety of options to share data and functionality with hospital systems that are key to patient care.

Achieve these results when you empower care team members to respond to important patient events:

  • Connect people to people to improve care team collaboration
  • Empower mobile care team members to respond to important patient events
  • Coordinate critical workflows to speed time to response

Discover the benefits of platform technology

If you were able to redesign your hospital’s communication technology from scratch, would it look anything like what you have today? It’s likely that you’re cobbling together many different applications in your hospital. It’s the result of using a point-solution approach to solve individual pieces of a very complex puzzle.

An integrated, enterprise-wide communication platform supports faster, easier, more actionable care collaboration by:

  • Connecting people and workflows across the organization
  • Offering a variety of integration and interoperability options to share data and functionality
  • Solving multiple challenges across different areas and departments of the hospital
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Healthcare Guide to Platform vs. Point Solutions

To achieve efficient care team collaboration, the challenge for healthcare is to use the right technology, applied in the right way.

Discover the difference between platform and point solutions and how to support faster, easier, more actionable care collaboration.