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January 23
Category: Interoperability
The Healthcare Leader Perspective: 2018 Health IT Priorities
As we move into a new year, there is no shortage of articles forecasting the priorities and trends for the industry in 2018: “Four healthcare technology trends to watch in 2018,” “5 health IT predictions for 2018,” and &ldq…
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January 09
Category: Security
Healthcare IT Recovery: 4 Business Continuity Myths Debunked
Last year, healthcare was the most targeted industry for malware attacks, accounting for 40 percent of all security incidents in the third quarter. Not to mention, the U.S. experienced 15 natural disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion ea…
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January 02
You Have Secure Texting…So Why Do You Need Mobile Device Management?
If you had particularly valuable things in one room in your house, would you lock the door to that room when you leave home? Would you consider locking the door to that room, but not locking the exterior door to your home? Logically, you’d l…
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December 19
Category: Spok Customers
The Healthcare Platform Advantage: How to Do More With Less
​ This is the seemingly impossible equation that has been dealt to healthcare. There are many ways hospitals and health systems are rising to meet this challenge, including changing business models, considering mergers and acquisitions, and devel…
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December 11
Measuring Value: The Real ROI of Communication Technology
Hospitals and health systems typically spend between 2 and 4 percent of their total operating budget on health IT, which translates to hundreds of thousands up to millions of dollars. Plus, health IT spending is on the rise, with more than a quart…
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December 05
Category: Security
Making Sense of Secure Text Messaging Compliance in Healthcare
Did you know that SMS (short message service) text messages are not encrypted, and anyone could buy a cheap scanner on Amazon, pull your SMS messages out of the air and read them clearly? Did you also know that a recent study found that 96 percent…
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November 22
Category: Patient Safety
Protecting Patient Safety: How Technology Can Help Prevent Adverse Events
​While “do no harm” isn’t actually part of the Hippocratic Oath, patient safety is a foundational goal of every hospital and health system. However, adverse events still occur at an alarming rate. Recently, Becker’s Hospital Revie…
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November 14
Why Do Physicians Still Use Pagers?
Smartphones have virtually taken over as the primary communication device at home and in the office: Seventy-seven percent of Americans own a smartphone, and 92 percent of millennials do, according to Pew Research Center. With this level of ubiq…
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November 07
Create a Consistent Customer Experience Through Your Hospital Contact Center
The patient who wants to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. The mother calling to check in on her son’s condition. Another patient calling for directions to the hospital with a medical emergency. The husband asking which room his wife and…
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October 31
What’s That Noise!?: How Technology Can Help Create a Quieter Hospital
​BEEP. BUZZ. PAGING DR. SMITH. CLANG. BEEP. THIS PAGE IS A TEST. Late this summer, my family had an unexpected trip to the ED at a nearby hospital. My mother, who lives alone, called me in a panic: She was experiencing terrible symptoms from a fo…
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