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August 21
Exceeding Expectations: How Clinical Communication Improves the Patient Experience
+ Reflections on the 2018 AHA Leadership Summit   Today’s patients expect care to be delivered similar to how they shop online: It should be accessible, personalized, and seamless. Improving the patient experience was a key focus at the Ame…
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August 15
Category: Spok Customers
Becoming Great: 5 Common Characteristics of the Best Hospitals
The U.S. News & World Report 2018-19 Best Hospitals Honor Roll was released earlier this week, and those 20 hospitals join the 10 children’s hospitals named to the Best Children’s Hospitals Honor Roll as the top-ranked hospitals …
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August 08
Category: Alarm Management
A Loved One’s Perspective on Alarm Management
As most parents would when their one-month-old baby has a mild fever and cough (during the weekend, of course), I found myself headed to the local emergency room with my daughter in tow. The doctors and nurses poked and prodded my tiny 10-pound baby a…
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July 31
The Voice of the Nurse Leader in Technology
Editor’s Note: This article was previously published in LinkedIn's Hard Cases series, where doctors and medical professionals share the toughest challenges they've faced in their careers. You can read more about it here&nbs…
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July 24
Category: Project Success
How to Deliver On-Time, On-Budget, and On-Value Health IT Projects
A few weeks ago, an electrical outage occurred at my home. The lights, appliances, and technologies all went dark simultaneously in a few rooms. “No worries,” I told my wife, “Let me go flip the breaker.” I opened the circu…
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July 18
Did You Know? 6 Ways to Make Physicians’ Lives Easier
I worked for many years as a hospitalist, mostly on weekends. Every Saturday when I walked in, I knew there would be three challenging tasks. First, I had to review the 12-20 patient charts and formulate a plan to prioritize and systematically see…
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July 10
Category: Paging
Standard or Encrypted Pagers: What’s the Difference and Which Is Best for My Hospital?
Standard pagers remain a reliable, cost effective, and convenient way for communicating non-sensitive short messages, such as code alerts (without PHI), transport requests, and environmental notifications to name a few. As the largest paging pro…
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July 03
Category: General Healthcare
The Top 10 Spokwise Healthcare Blog Posts of All Time
Confession: The Spokwise Healthcare Blog is old in blog years. It turned eight this summer, and our content and readership have grown exponentially in the past few years. It seems like the perfect occasion to look back at our most popular posts of…
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June 26
Category: Project Success
Back to Basics: Wi-Fi Coverage Is Key to Secure Messaging Success
​When my wife and I bought our house nine years ago, we were looking for what most first-time home buyers are: custom cosmetic touches, specific styles, conveniences, and colors (all the wrong things to be looking for). Despite loving the home we…
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June 20
Category: Staff Efficiency
Nursing’s Hidden Leadership Gap: Why Every Hospital Needs a CNIO
​Most people within healthcare are well informed about the nursing shortage: There are not enough nursing graduates to keep up with rising demand driven by a rapidly aging population, and the imbalance is projected to last through at least 2025 ac…
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