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October 31
Category: Project Success
7 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing Secure Messaging
Secure messaging designed for healthcare has been around for about a decade, so you may think that most hospitals are using it today. But we’ve discovered that isn’t the case at all. During the rise of secure messaging solutions, …
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October 23
Category: Patient Safety
Top Health Technology Hazards (And How to Address Them)
There is a one in a million chance of a person being harmed while traveling by plane. In contrast, there is a one in 300 chance of a person being harmed while receiving care, according to the World Health Organization. While there is obvious …
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October 16
Help Me Alexa, I’m in Pain
It’s part of my daily routine—walk in the door of my Brooklyn apartment at the end of the day and ask “Alexa, what’s in the news?” In an instant, I’m caught up on anything I may have missed during the day whil…
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October 09
Shifting Gears: 6 Ways Clinicians Can Transition Into Health IT
This week (Oct. 8-12) is National Health IT Week, a nationwide awareness week celebrating the essential role of health IT in transforming healthcare. Health IT certainly is essential to evolving an industry that is navigating an incredible wa…
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October 02
Sleep Well: 5 Ways to Quiet Hospitals, Promote Rest, and Improve Patient Satisfaction
“Doctor, I hardly slept at all last night.” A good night’s sleep in a hospital has long been something of an oxymoron. But how bad is it? Until recently there had never been a large-scale study to examine sleep in general ho…
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September 25
Category: Staff Efficiency
The Contact Center as a Path to Hospital Transformation
When’s the last time you took a good look at your hospital contact center? This often-underappreciated operation may very well be key to your hospital’s success in a technologically complex future. In our latest survey of 400 healthca…
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September 19
Category: Paging
Calm During the Storm: Maintaining Communication in the Midst of a Disaster
When Hurricane Florence started on its path toward the eastern coast of the U.S. last week, over 1.5 million people fled their homes and traveled inland to seek safer ground and shelter from the monster storm. At the same time, we were sendin…
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September 13
Category: Patient Safety
Combating Sepsis: How University of Utah Health Saved Lives and Cut Costs
Today is World Sepsis Day—a day for people worldwide to unite in the fight against sepsis. One of the primary goals is to increase awareness about sepsis, the No. 1 preventable cause of death worldwide and arguably one of the most challeng…
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September 04
Category: Spok Customers
Most Heroes Don’t Wear Capes: How 4 Hospitals Improve Patient Outcomes With Spok
When my son Chase was young, he was really into superheroes: Superman and Batman & Robin in particular. If someone was saving the planet or Gotham while wearing a cape, he was into it. Chase visited me at the hospital occasionally, and du…
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August 28
Category: Staff Efficiency
Care in Motion: 5 Benefits of Healthcare-Grade Mobile Devices
At Spok, we’re quite proud of the fact that our clinical communication and collaboration platform, Spok Care Connect, is device agnostic. That means that no matter which mobile devices your hospital supports—or if you’re a BYOD…
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