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January 29
Category: General Healthcare
4 Ways to Make a Difference at HIMSS19
We’ve done a ton of recruiting at Spok over the past couple of years, particularly within our product engineering team to take the Spok Care Connect® platform to the next level (more on that in a minute). When I came aboard as Chief Te…
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January 22
Category: Interoperability
Integration vs. Interoperability: What’s the Difference?
Search the term “healthcare interoperability” in Google, and you’ll receive well over 10 million results. Interoperability has become a lasting buzzword in the industry, yet somewhat maddeningly, there seem to be many definitio…
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January 16
3 Ways Technology Can Reduce Physicians’ Cognitive Load
At the end of last year, Dr. Atul Gawande penned an article entitled “Why Doctors Hate Their Computers.” Gawande illustrates that the brunt of physician animosity toward computers centers on the explosion of information: Physician…
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January 10
Category: Paging
Pagers\' Popularity: 5 Reasons It’s Still a Top Communication Tool in Healthcare
From tech startups to mainstream news publications, many have decried the use of the pager in healthcare. They’ve compared it to the fax machine, and questioned its purpose in the age of universal smartphone use. Yet pagers are still he…
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January 03
Category: Spok Customers
What Do the Top 10 Most Wired Hospitals Have in Common?
In November, CHIME named 254 organizations to its Healthcare’s Most Wired list. What does it take to achieve this distinguished ranking in healthcare IT? According to Russell Branzell, president and CEO of CHIME, any hospital can achiev…
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December 12
5 Ways to Think Beyond the Switchboard
Are you underutilizing one of your most valuable resources? If you’re like many hospitals, you’ve invested in a significant infrastructure that could be doing much more for your patients, staff, and bottom line. Intrigued? It&rsqu…
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December 06
Category: Spok Customers
Planning for the Worst: How to Evolve Your Disaster Response to the Digital Age
For hospitals, planning for worst-case scenarios isn’t just best practice, it can often mean life or death for patients. Still, some organizations have determined certain provisions, such as test systems, are too costly and unnecessary, an…
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November 27
Category: Spok Customers
FAQ: Platforms vs. Point Solutions
A few weeks ago, I attended the CHIME Fall CIO Forum in San Diego. I’d call this the “healthcare CIO” event of the year. I had the opportunity to network with many leaders doing incredible things at their organizations. I even …
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November 12
Category: Project Success
4 Keys to Keep Your RFP Process as Painless as Possible
It’s a big investment to implement new or upgrade existing healthcare technology, so how do you help ensure a successful process and outcome? You can spend copious amounts of your own time researching vendors, soliciting information, and c…
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November 06
Category: Spok Customers
Connect 18 Recap: New Experiences, Learnings, and Friends
Connect, our annual healthcare customer conference, gets better every year. Since 2007, we’ve held this event—the “best week of the year,” as Brian Edds, vice president of product management, likes to say—and it&rsq…
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