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September 02
Category: Staff Efficiency
The latest secure texting app release – it’s so much more than just security.
We’ve been talking about the next big release of our secure messaging app for several months. I presented webinars demonstrating some of the new features and enhancements. The Physician Advisory Board and members of our Spok Directions user group ha…
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August 26
Category: Staff Efficiency
Helping hospitals roll out new communication solutions with the four E’s.
I’ve helped a lot of hospitals implement new communication solutions across their organizations. These range from our secure texting app and on-call scheduling software to call center solutions and more. While technical knowledge is needed to inte…
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August 19
A three-pronged approach to reducing alarm fatigue.
When was the last time you heard a car alarm blaring? If you live in a city or suburban area, chances are it’s a regular occurrence. But when was the last time you jumped up expecting to see a theft in progress, or felt anything other than annoyance…
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August 14
Category: Spok Customers
Preparations are well underway for Connect 14, where customers are the stars of the show.
The biggest and most exciting event in my annual calendar is Spok’s customer conference, Connect. Just like planning for a wedding, I start more than a year in advance because it’s a giant puzzle. We start with the frame, picking the locatio…
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August 05
Category: Spok Customers
Pagers worked 100% during a disaster to coordinate trauma care when cellular coverage was compromised.
I read an opinion piece last week listing older technologies that a smartphone has rendered obsolete. Among the items were calculators, cameras, and pagers. I can take issue with any of these examples, especially for circumstances that are outside…
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July 29
Category: Staff Efficiency
Using system redundancy to plan for the worst when designing a hospital communication infrastructure.
There’s a phrase my father used to use, “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” He usually applied it when planning personal affairs and anticipating health outcomes, but it’s a great wisdom to apply to the business si…
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July 22
Category: Meet Spok
A spoke is part of the wheel that supports the greater whole – physicians are part of a larger team that supports patient care.
Last week was our first Physician Advisory Board meeting as Spok (pronounced spoke). I felt privileged to be a proverbial fly on the wall during the discussion. The first topic of conversation was, of course, our new brand. The board’s resp…
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July 16
Category: Meet Spok
All 17 Honor Roll hospitals rely on Spok solutions.
We’d like to commend these 17 progressive facilities, noted by U.S. News & World Report for providing all-around excellent care with best practices. All 17 of these top “Honor Roll” hospitals rely on Spok as part of their critic…
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July 08
Category: Meet Spok
USA Mobility Wireless and Amcom Software are now Spok.
Today is a really special occasion. Companies often modify their brands, refine their messages, and redesign logos. Less frequent in the marketplace, though, are examples of two companies becoming a unified entity with a singular mission. As of t…
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