Infographic: The quadruple aim and care team well-being

Why is care team communication key to improving the clinician experience? [infographic]

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Three of the most serious issues facing healthcare providers today include alarm fatigue, workplace violence, and physician burnout.  

Alarm fatigue 

Patient care is at risk when caregivers become desensitized and assume an alarm is false or misdirected. 

Workplace violence 

Many hospitals are developing a violence prevention program to address this dangerous issue and protect their staff.  

Provider burnout 

Major medical journals, clinical leaders, and healthcare organizations alike have called clinician burnout a public health crisis.  

While potential solutions to these harsh realities are multi-faceted and complex, communications can make an impact. 

This infographic delivers 10 stats and facts to explore how improved healthcare communications can help make positive impacts on these extremely important and complex subjects.