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Infographic: How Healthcare IT Departments Prepare for Cloud Computing

September 26, 2019

How Healthcare IT Departments Prepare for Cloud Computing [Infographic]

Check out the infographic

The results of our 2019 survey on cloud computing in healthcare are now in! The findings include information on how to build a cloud strategy, what’s driving healthcare IT departments to move to the cloud, and how IT professionals learn cloud basics.

With this data, we can see opportunities and challenges of cloud technology in healthcare.

Almost 60% of surveyed CMIOs, senior IT leaders, and IT managers and staff believe reducing IT costs is the most important benefit to use cloud computing in healthcare.

Are IT departments prepared to move to cloud technology? This survey revealed less than half (43%) say IT staff have cloud experience. Almost 30% say IT staff have no cloud experience. To address the talent gap, 20% are hiring or training their current IT staff for new roles, while others are outsourcing management of cloud technology.

You can see more highlights from the survey in the infographic (right).

If you’d like to see the what the survey revealed about building a strategy to move to the cloud, check out the Cloud Computing infographic.

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