Matthew Oristano, CEO, Reaction Biology Corporation

Matthew Oristano became a director of Spok in November 2004 and is Chair of the Audit Committee. Prior to the merger of Metrocall and Arch Wireless, Inc., Oristano had been a director of Arch Wireless since 2002. Oristano has been the President, CEO and member of the Board of Alda Inc., an investment management company, since 1995. He has served as chair of the Board, President and CEO of Reaction Biology Corporation, a contract biomedical research firm, since March 2004. He was the Vice President, Treasurer, and member of the Board of The Oristano Foundation from 1995 to November 2012.

Oristano understands our operations, strategies, financial outlook and ongoing challenges. In addition, Oristano has experience as CEO of a public telecommunications company. For his current company, Oristano has supervised the creation of proprietary software for laboratory R&D management and customer data delivery. As a CEO of both public and private firms, Oristano has directly supervised CFOs and auditors in the annual audit process. Oristano is also considered an audit committee financial expert.