People and technology now need to communicate flawlessly to speed response times and keep safety and satisfaction at the forefront. With Spok®, it’s possible for one unified technology platform to solve multiple challenges across different areas and departments of the hospital. It improves workflows across the organization, from the contact center to the patient’s bedside and includes everyone on your care teams, from doctors and nurses to housekeeping and transport staff. It scales to support growing clinical communications needs as your organization and the healthcare industry evolve.


A Fully Integrated Communications Platform

Spok supports more than 1,900 hospitals—both large and small—in their quest to deliver the highest standards of care with communication technology designed to meet today’s challenges. Spok is passionate about critical communications in healthcare. For Spok, every message is important because we know that minutes and seconds matter in a hospital, where patients' lives are at stake.

We offer a full suite of solutions, called Spok Care Connect, which integrates with existing workflows in your hospital and will enable you to deliver information quickly and securely into the hands of the clinicians who need to act on it—wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. From the contact center to the patient's bedside, Spok Care Connect provides directory details, on-call schedules, staff preferences, secure texting, and a lot more.

Workflow-driven communications

Clinical alerting middleware

Contact center solutions

Staff scheduling

Secure text messaging

Preference-directed communications

Critical test results management

Emergency notification and incident management

Enhanced 9-1-1

Paging services

One Flexible Solution

Spok Care Connect can solve multiple challenges across different areas and departments of the hospital. The integrated solution provides directory details, on-call schedules, staff contact preferences, secure messaging, and a lot more. To Communications generated from individual users and third party clinical monitoring systems can be routed to any user carrying any device based on directory, scheduling, and preferences information managed by Spok.

The solution is extremely flexible, spanning messaging, voice, alarms, and alerts across many different devices and platforms. The directory, scheduling, and preference data at the heart of the system serves as a single source of truth across the hospital, and the integrated platform works with your electronic medical record (EMR) system to leverage existing investments. Ultimately, Spok Care Connect enables better care with workflow-driven communications. Take a look at these workflow examples, all of which illustrate Spok Care Connect in action at customer organizations today:

Workflow Example 1


Workflow Example 2


Workflow Example 3


What Sets Spok Apart?


Integrated Suite

Integrated Suite:
Spok offers the most comprehensive suite of enterprise critical communication solutions, and these solutions work together to support your workflows.


Workflow-Driven Communications:
Our products are not generic call or message products. We provide solutions that drive workflows, whether that's code STEMIs or consult requests, nurse calls or care team communications.

Multi Modal

We're not just texting or paging. Our solutions include secure messaging, voice, alarms, and alerts across many modalities, so we offer you the most flexible options.


Certifications and Integrations:
We work extensively with all the leading providers of systems you have in your hospital today. Spok solutions are used in the most critical of environments. We certify our products with many leading vendors as well as government entities such as JITC/DOD, the FDA, and the FCC.


Enterprise Directory:
The directory, scheduling, and preference data at the heart of our system serves as a single source of truth across the hospital.

See Our Results

Spok solutions are used by the best—each year all of the top hospitals as ranked on the U.S. News and World Report Best Hospitals Honor Roll rely on Spok for their critical communications. Spok’s customers have achieved measurable results, including reducing average door-to-balloon times, improving ED patient discharge times, and boosting patient satisfaction.


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