Secure Smartphone and Tablet Messaging

Ensure Secure Smartphone Texting for Critical Communications

Spok provides a secure texting app for smartphones and tablets for healthcare, gaming, and hospitality organisations that improves the efficiency and quality of communication among your staff. Spok allows key hospital staff members to access private health information and conduct secure consultations from their personal mobile device.

Spok Mobile®: Secure Smartphone Messaging and a Whole Lot More

Spok Mobile simplifies communications and strengthens care by using smartphones and tablets for your hospital’s secure, critical communications: code alerts, patient updates, consult requests, and more.

This intuitive app links to a powerful communication system. You can access your hospital’s full directory of accurate contact information; send messages, images, and videos to smartphones and other devices; and ensure critical communications are logged—all with security, traceability, and reliability in mind.

Why It’s Effective

  • Protects electronic protected health information (ePHI)
  • Communicates securely with any type of mobile device in your organisation’s directory
  • Integrates with multiple mobile device management (MDM) solutions
  • Accesses the latest on-call rosters to reach the right individual or role
  • Enables users to send images and videos along with text
  • Logs all communications in an audit trail


Spok Mobile Tour

Spok Mobile® goes far beyond simple secure texting. Its ability to integrate with directory information, clinical monitoring systems, and on-call schedules enables staff to streamline workflows and deliver excellent patient care. Take the tour below to see how Spok Mobile connects care teams with clinical messaging to improve outcomes.