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Environmental and social responsibility

Our commitment to corporate and social responsibility

Guided by our purpose and mindful of our stockholders, customers, communities and others whose trust we value, we are committed to establishing an industry-leading Corporate and Social Responsibility (“CSR”) program. We believe sustainability is a key part of our business strategy. We bring the experience, collaboration, resilience, and courage to explore new opportunities to address relevant environmental, social and governance issues to better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term value for our stockholders, customers, healthcare partners and team members. Our Board of Directors (“Board”) recognizes the integral role that our corporate purpose and culture plays in the Company’s long-term success, and we believe our ability to proactively manage relevant risks and opportunities demonstrates the effective leadership and government principles that investors desire.  

The Nominating & Governance Committee has formal responsibility and oversight for environmental and social policies and programs and receives reporting on key ESG matters and initiatives. Our internal working group on ESG is co-chaired by executive leaders and comprised of geographically diverse employees from multiple business units.  The ESG working group serves as the central oversight body for our ESG strategies to fulfill our ESG mission in serving clients, shareholders, employees and the communities we impact through effective and sustainable practices.

Our Environmental Management System ensures compliance of our ESG framework and policies on an ongoing basis. A long-term sustainable approach will benefit our stakeholders and communities we serve. The objectives of the Environmental Management System is to monitor, measure, and minimize the impact of Spok’s business operations on the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling materials and improve the efficiency in the buildings we operate from using energy conservation best practices, as well as, support innovative technology solutions.  These practices include defined roles and responsibilities and require training, awareness and competence, recordkeeping, problem identification and resolution, emergency preparedness and self-assessments all focused on maintaining risks to employees and the environment as low as reasonably achievable. Environmental management procedures and arrangements are proportionate to the level of environmental risks arising from Spok’s activities.

Spok ESG policies, programs, and practice statements include the following: