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Contact centre

Improve customer service through best-in-class contact centre solutions

Provide fast and effective help to callers. Manage rising call volumes with high-quality caller service.

Go beyond an “answer and transfer”
contact centre

Provide unparalleled customer service with more automated and efficient processes that will increase operator productivity, reduce costs, and elevate your call centre to be the clinical communication hub for your hospital. Easy-to-use technology and efficient processes help recruit and retain call centre staff. Removing the burden of manual tasks enables call centre agents to handle more diverse duties and responsibilities, and transform your contact centre into a revenue-generating hub.  And, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, patients, and family members receive accurate information quickly.

Simplify your contact centre processes

Support internal clinical communications and provide elevated customer service for external callers. Quickly and accurately look up staff and launch code calls, as well as sending a message or page to individuals, groups, and roles. You’ll no longer need to reference outdated directories, spreadsheet-based on-call rosters, or multiple databases. Say goodbye to the paper-based chaos and provide access to everything your operator services staff need at their fingertips.

Choose which contact centre solutions
work for you

Need speech recognition to help process routine phone requests and reduce operator workloads? That’s an option. Looking for a solution for call recording and quality management to provide focused operator training? That’s available, too. Schedule a consultation with our sales team to learn which solution is right for your organisation.

Putting patient care first

Use Spok to deliver clinical workflow automation to enable efficient, safe patient care.

Your platform solution for clinical communications

Explore Spok Care Connect®:

Spok Care Connect overview
Improve workflows across your organisation, from the contact centre to the patient’s bedside. Include everyone on your care teams, from doctors and nurses to housekeeping and transport staff. 

Secure messaging 
Enable seamless communication with care teams across your health system

Enterprise directory 
Reduce errors and wasted time with one centralised source of accurate contact data for all roles across the health system 

On-call rostering 
Provide accurate and up-to-date rostering information at your fingertips

Clinical care 
Connect clinical teams with the people and information they need when and where it matters most

Contact centre 
Improve caller service through best-in-class contact centre solutions

Manage your paging strategy for reliable, cost-effective messaging